Superstore S3E12 Review

Season three of Superstore has shown Amy going through a divorce. In this week's episode, she is ready to start dating again. However, her expectations for what guys she can get are much different than the expectations of her co-workers.

S3E12 "Groundhog Day"

After Mateo and Cheyenne witness an awkward conversation between Amy and a guy, they decide to try to set her up with someone. However, Amy doesn't appreciate what type of guys they think she is on the level of. She ends up having sex with the pharmacist, someone who the others said was a ten. This leads to a very Superstore-style scene, where everyone has to comment on Amy's dating and sex life, which is really funny.

Dina comes to work, despite Glenn's insistence that she doesn't, but he convinces her to relax at the store. She ends up enjoying it, and gets him to then do things for her. This story doesn't really go much of anywhere, Dina just discovers how much she can get away with asking Glenn for.

With Dina relaxing, someone needs to fill her position. Glenn has Garrett do it, leading to Jonah and Kelly to take over the announcements. They act like it is a talk show, which is annoying at first, but enjoyable when they interview Sandra. At the very end of the episode, Jonah is upset because of Amy's current situation, but then suddenly starts behaving like normal at the very end.

The ending of Amy's story was great, but the other stories did not stick the landing. In fact, they didn't really go anywhere, and weren't even all that funny. Amy's story isn't even that funny until that ending.

Score: 4.5/10

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