Marietta, Season 1 Episode 7 - Going for Gold

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Patty Lynn: Can you believe ladies singles starts tonight?

Marietta: I know! I’ve been waiting for this for four years! 

Patty Lynn: I’m so excited for our girls viewing party! You, me, Tammy, Kate, and the other one!

Marietta: Ellie. You’ve known her for twenty years.

Patty Lynn: I have?

Marietta: Yes. We watched the last five Olympics together.

Patty Lynn: Oh.

Marietta: You saw her last month at my farewell speech.

Patty Lynn: I did?

Marietta: She’s the senator from Massachusetts. You went to her wedding.

Patty Lynn: The one in Cape Cod?

Marietta: Yep. The one where you got drunk and dad left you behind.

Patty Lynn: I didn’t want to bring that up.

Marietta: Well, it happened.

Patty Lynn: I’m gonna go get the snacks ready.

Marietta: Are they Olympics themed? I won’t eat them if they aren’t.

Patty Lynn: Well, I have onion rings that I can put in the shape of the Olympic rings.

Marietta: Oh my goodness, I’m kidding mom! But do that with the onion rings, that’ll really wow the girls!

Meanwhile, Milton and Martin are reading the newspaper when Milton notices a major story.

Milton: Dad, have you seen this?

Martin: Have I seen what?

Milton: This story.

Martin: Let me see.

Martin grabs the paper and reads the top headline aloud.

Martin: Councilor Applewhite Gearing Up for Mayoral Bid?

Milton: Yep. I’m actually kind of worried about it.

Martin: Don’t be. Your sister was a US Senator. She has enough name recognition that she can beat her.

Milton: I don’t know. Amy has a special connection to New Orleans.

Martin: So does Marietta! She’s a part of this family!

Milton: Amy doesn't care about this family. She doesn’t even care about her own family!

Martin: What’s that supposed to mean?

Milton: She ran against her grandmother for city council in 1996.

Martin: She was just very dedicated to politics.

Milton: Even more reason to worry! She’s so dedicated to winning that she ran what was then called 
the most viscous campaign in New Orleans history! Against her own grandmother!

Martin: Let’s worry about that when we have to. For now, let the girls enjoy their figure skating.

Four hours later…

Kate: We’re here!!!

Marietta: Yay, just in time! Sarah and Scott are currently explaining why they’re dressed like they’re hosting the Hunger Games.

Kate: Cool, so we didn’t miss anything. Tammy and Ellie are down there unloading the car.

Marietta: Y’all are gonna be here for three weeks, how much stuff did you need?

Kate: Clearly you’ve never traveled with Ellie, and for that, you should feel thankful.

Ellie: Fear no longer, for I have arrived!

Tammy (sounding exhausted): As have I!

Marietta: Tammy, are you okay?

Tammy: I’m fine. Would’ve been better if Ellie had carried more than one bag, but I’ll survive.

Marrietta: Let me take some of that to the guest rooms. I was just staying in one of them last week and it sure was nice.

Tammy: I’m taking the good room!

Marietta: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kate: Guys, it’s starting get in here!

Three hours later…

Marietta: Oh, finally the good ones!

Milton: What were you watching for three hours?

Marietta: The ones that don’t have a shot in hell.

Milton: Cool. Time well spent.

Announcer: Representing the United States, Veronica Cornwallis

Marietta: Can you believe this girl is from Louisiana?

Patty Lynn: She is? We don’t have ice down here!

Marietta: I know! But Veronica overcame that and still got here!

Tammy: Well, Mary Bradshaw, the one who’s actually expected to medal, is from New York! Take that.

Patty Lynn: Take a chill pill, Tammy. They’re both Americans, and we want them both to do well. But maybe they can give the Louisianan the win this time.

Kate: They all say she won’t win anything, but I think you’ve forgotten that I too have a horse in this race! Mariana Boulei is from North Carolina.

Marietta: Boulei? That sounds like a brand of soap.

Kate: Well it’s not! At least not in this case.

Ellie: Umm, Nancy Kerrigan is from Massachusetts.

Marietta: So what?

Ellie: She got a silver and none of your girls will, so…

Marietta: Just watch. Veronica will surprise you.

Ellie: No she won’t. I’m rooting for a real champion. Katarina Mendelev.

Marietta: The Russian?

Ellie: Yep! I wanna win this thing!

Marietta: This is treason and I won’t allow it.

Ellie: How kind of you.

Marietta: SHHH! I want to hear what Sarah and Scott have to say about Veronica!

Sarah: What a disappointing performance for Cornwallis. She was clearly under-rotated a few times 

Scott: Yeah, unless she nails that free program better than she ever has, I can’t see a bronze for her, which seemed all but guaranteed before today.

Sarah: With that 64.04, she is in third place. For now.

Marietta: I can’t believe this.

Announcer: Next to skate, representing Canada, Tatiana DuGall.

Kate: She’s good!

Marietta: Shut up.

Patty Lynn: I think you’re taking this a little too personally.

Sarah: That 73.49 is enough to put DuGall way out in front. I think she’s the most unexpected medal contender of this Olympics.

Announcer: Representing Russia, Katarina Mendelev.

Ellie: Go Katarina!!!

Marietta: Fall Katarina!!!

Ellie: Wow, you’re nasty.

Marietta: You bet I am.

Patty Lynn: This is so beautiful.

Tammy: Oh my gosh, I think I might kinda want her to win.

Marietta: I can’t believe this. Y’all are turning on your principles! What happened to rooting for 
Team USA?

Tammy: I fell in love with a Russian Ice Princess.

Marietta: Oh my god, give me a break!

Tammy: The heart wants what the heart wants, Marietta.

Sarah: That was an incredible short program. Definitely the best we’ve seen so far.

Scott: And the judges agree, with an 80.17 score. That’s a new best for Mendelev and less than a 
point shy of the world record.


Ellie: I know!

Marietta: Wow, didn’t realize I was watching from Moscow.

Ellie: I’d say that that’s mean, but I’ll let it slide because I’m happy. 

Announcer: Next, representing the United States, Mariana Boulei.

Kate: I wouldn’t want to skate after Mendelev. This is gonna be tough.

Marietta: I will admit it, I’m really loving this.

Ellie: I know, me too.

Sarah: That’s a triple axel! Mariana Boulei becomes the first woman to land a triple axel in the Olympics!

Scott: And there’s a triple Salchow! 

Sarah: And another triple Axel! This is incredible!

Kate: This is the happiest moment of my life.

Tammy: Kate, you’re married with three children.

Kate: Alright, fifth happiest moment of my life.

Marietta: That sounds about right.

Scott: The judges reward that incredible performance with a world record-breaking 88.05.

Sarah: You can hear the screams of Boulei, which rival even mine from 2002.

Kate (jumping up and down): AHHHHHH!!!! 

Marietta: I think those screams might just be Kate.

Patty Lynn: That is an amazing number Kate.

Marietta: Mom, I just wanna commend you on somehow being the most normal one here tonight.

Ellie: Hey!

Patty Lynn: Well, I can’t deny it.

Announcer: Our last skater represents the United States, Mary Bradshaw.

Tammy: I’m so conflicted right now.

Marietta: Root for the American!

Tammy: Eh.

Marietta: My goodness.

Sarah: Bradshaw is doing well thus far. She was easily the favorite to make the podium out of the Americans before Boulei came out here and did that.

Scott: Yeah, it looks incredibly difficult at the moment for Bradshaw to medal, but it is possible for her to outperform one of the current silver and bronze favorites, Mendelev and DuGall.

Tammy: She won’t win anything. So I’m on Team Katarina.

Patty Lynn: I’m Team Mariana.

Marietta: Well I haven’t given up on Veronica yet.

Scott: And with that 74.45, Cornwallis will finish the day in third place.

The next night…

Marietta: This is the night! This determines it all.

Kate: I think what you meant to say was that it determined that Mariana would win it all.

Marietta: Maybe.

Kate: This is gonna feel so good. And unlike the rest of you, I’m not even a bandwagon jumper!

Marietta: Just keep calm. Something could go wrong.

Patty Lynn: Hurry the ones we care about are about to come on!

Announcer: Representing the United States, Veronica Cornwallis.

Marietta: I’m so scared.

Scott: Cornwallis is about to go for the triple lutz. And she falls!

Marietta: NOOOOOO!

Sarah: That will almost certainly cost her that bronze medal that she was in contention for after yesterday’s mediocre short program.

Marietta: I just can’t believe this is happening. She’s never done this poorly in competition!

Ellie: You can always join Team Katarina.

Marietta: F*** Katarina.

Ellie: That’s very mean. She never did anything to you!

Marietta: She skated well. That hurt me.

Sarah: You can tell that her spirits are broken. She isn’t really trying anymore.

Scott: That score of 90.16 all but ensures that her Olympics career, at least this year, is over.

Marietta: Oh that’s heartbreaking.

Tammy: I’m sorry.

Announcer: Next to skate, representing the United States, Mariana Boulei.

Kate: WOO!!!

Marietta: Oh, do you have to rub it in?

Tara: Once again, Mariana Boulei is giving an incredible performance. This is an unexpected delight.

Scott: There’s another triple axel! Her third one in this Olympics!

Patty Lynn: She’s nailing it!

Kate: I’m so happy!!!

Scott: And there it is. Quite possibly the greatest performance Boulei has ever given. This is incredible.

Sarah: And with a 167.96, that is another world record.

Kate: She’s unbeatable!

Ellie: Not if Katarina has anything to say about it.

Announcer: Representing Russia, Katarina Mendelev.

Tammy: I love this girl so much. But this is…

Ellie: It ain’t great.

Sarah: I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but this is quite possibly the worst performance I’ve ever seen from Mendelev.

Scott: And with a score of 88.76, she seems to have been knocked tight off the podium.

Sarah: As long as she performs a good skate, it looks like Mary Bradshaw will win a medal this year.

Tammy: What have I done?

Ellie: I’m sad now.

Announcer: From Canada, Tatiana DuGall.

Marietta: What a snooze.

Tammy: It’s pretty, but there isn’t much going on.

Scott: With a score of 130.4, it looks like DuGall is a lock for the podium. She currently sits in second, and has knocked Veronica Cornwallis off the podium.

Announcer: Our last skater, representing the United States, Mary Bradshaw.

Tammy: Team Mary!

Marietta: I guess you’re not a traitor anymore.

Tammy: Guess not!

Scott: This is a great, clean skate. She’s in competition with DuGall for the Silver.

Marietta: I’m still so sad.

Sarah: And it’s over! Mary Bradshaw wins the silver medal, with a gold medal for Mariana Boulei!

Kate: Hey Ellie, I thought Nancy Kerrigan was better than our girls since she’s got silver. Ready to eat those words yet?

WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Bunch
CREATED BY: Rebecca Bunch
PRODUCED BY: Rebecca Bunch,  TVRGO

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