Game Day #1–UPDATED with Answers and Standings

Rebecca Bunch: 2
HV: 2
JB: 2
Miguens: 2
Full Boyle: 1
GotPortugal: 1
Bridger: 1

There were a lot of different answers for the second question, though only one was right. Props to those of you who found one that was so close to the answer, though none matched the final part of that criteria.
Welcome to the second installment of Game Day! In this series, three prompts will be given and it will be your task to come up with the answer. 1 point is rewarded for each correct answer.

These prompts were all formed using the data compiled by our own Bridger Cunningham, meaning all answers can be found in his work. Therefore, looking through those resources is one of the more efficient ways to get the right answer. I've linked the landing pages here:

Historical Ratings:
Sitcom Scorecards:

Below are the prompts. Place your answers in the Google Form below; if you are stuck, you can guess or simply leave it blank, as no answers are required for submission. The deadline to submit is Saturday, February 10 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Prompt #1
This soap opera was canceled after coming in last place amongst all daytime soaps. Coincidentally, the ratings rank it had that season was also the number of seasons it finished with.

ANSWER: Passions

Prompt #2
This year was a struggle for a certain Big 4 network; so much so that they only placed ONE scripted show in that season's top 50. And yeah, their lowest-rated show had just 37% of that season's league average. Which network and season am I describing?

ANSWER: ABC, 2003-04

Prompt #3
This sitcom got canceled due to low ratings in its second season. Being the 8th-highest rated show on broadcast television, and the 6th-highest rated sitcom, just wasn't enough?

ANSWER: The Single Guy

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