Game Day #3

Welcome to Game Day #3. You have until 11:59pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, February 14 to find the answers to the below prompts and fill out the form below. I've provided a few links to help you out.

You can STILL participate in Game Day #2 through the Wednesday deadline as well!

Helpful Links
Historical Ratings:
Spinoff Stories:

Prompt #1
This critically-acclaimed drama finished its fourth season with just 46% of that season's league average A18-49 rating. It was the network's lowest-rated show this season, which also saw an infamous 10pm experiment.

Prompt #2
This show objectively has the most bland title ever. The show was canceled after just one season, and did not even crack the top 100 for its season average. If you need another hint, it aired in the same season as a scripted show called New York News. Yes, I checked, the name of the show in question is not a typo in the ratings chart.

Prompt #3
This show was arguably one of the most successful sitcom spin-offs of all time; in fact, it lasted just as long as the original show on the network, and then aired an additional season on another network. While on paper this sitcom centers around a family, it is best remembered for a side character and his catchphrase.

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