Game Day #6

The Ratings Junkie Monday, February 19, 2018

Welcome back to Game Day! You have through Friday, February 23st at 11:59pm Eastern Time to answer the prompts below. You may also still participate in Game Day #2, #3, #4, and #5 until then, though you don't have to answer every prompt if you're stuck/short on time. Here are some helpful links:

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Prompt #1

The lowest-rated show across all six networks—yes, six—this season averaged a 1.23 A18-49 rating. Comparatively, the Big 4 league average in 2016-17 was a 1.22. Granted, the season in question was before the rise of DVR and streaming so there was no such thing as L+35 gains. Regardless, which season am I describing?

Prompt #2
An NBC sitcom that starred somebody currently in The Good Place finished its run this season in 73rd place. In fact, that season all but one of the 13 lowest-rated sitcoms was canceled. The sitcom spared was in its first season and would go on to become a classic hit. Which show is it?

Prompt #3
This season, three of the Big 4 networks were down year-to-year, while the fourth was not. Ironically, the network that was not down year-to-year ended up canceling more shows than they renewed. The question: what was the average rating of the network that while not down year-to-year, canceled more shows than they renewed?

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