Game Day #2

Welcome back to Game Day! Here are three more prompts in attempt to get more points. If you participated in the first round, the results will be posted shortly. While you may also be able to find the answers outside of the site, I have linked below the landing pages to where on our site you can find them. The form will auto-grade your answers, though I will go back in to see if I can adjust that score up a bit. You have until Monday, February 12 at 11:59pm Eastern Time to answer, and you do not have to answer every prompt.

Soap Database:
Spinoff Stories:

Prompt #1
Back in its day, there was a show that was one of the few flagship shows for its network. It's only natural that they tried a spinoff or four. Unfortunately, none of them lasted longer than a season. My question is, what was the name of the third spinoff?

Prompt #2
This spinoff was one of three, but the only one to air more than three seasons. While a success, it could never live up to the mothership, a show which co-starred a famous actress that was the subject of a petition to "save from 2016".

Prompt #3
As daytime talk shows became more prominent in the media and are presumably cheaper than soap operas, this season was the first to see the number of daytime soaps dwindle to less than half of those aired just six seasons earlier.

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