Game Day #5

Welcome back to Game Day! You have through Wednesday, February 21st at 11:59pm Eastern Time to answer the prompts below. You may also still participate in Game Day #2, #3, and #4 until then, though you don't have to answer every prompt if you're stuck/short on time. Here are some helpful links:

Game Day #2:
Game Day #3:
Game Day #4:

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Sitcom Scorecards:

Prompt #1

The first season of this sitcom averaged a staggering 23.8 Household rating, and was the only show in the way of NBC airing all four of the top four sitcoms for that season. Given the tarnished reputation of the star of the only sitcom ahead of it, its likely that this sitcom would do better than it if it aired a revival season in spring 2018. 

Prompt #2
In this year, a certain network failed to place any shows in the top 10, and only two scripted shows in the top 20. On the bright side, they had a reality hit that they aired three nights a week. Additionally, at least the network lived to see another season. Which network and year am I describing?

Prompt #3
A seasonal average of just a tad under an 11.0 A18-49 wasn’t enough to get this show a second season. Meanwhile, the show that finished just 0.02 tenths above it is still airing today, and is of the same genre and from the same network.

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