Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Finale Review

This season has gone a lot of places, but it hasn't really given us any indication of where it is going in its season finale. The title of the finale, however, is similar to the last title with Josh's name, except this title has Nathaniel's name. In "Josh is Irrelevant" Rebecca accepted her diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, and decided to work toward being better. Now, "Nathaniel is Irrelevant."

S3E13 "Nathaniel is Irrelevant."

Earlier this season, Rebecca admitted to Josh a lot of things that she had done since moving to West Covina. However, her motive then was revenge. Now, Rebecca also plans to admit things she did since moving to West Covina that people don't know about, but the reason this time is the guilt she feels. She makes lists, and gives them to Paula, Josh, and Nathaniel. While Josh and Nathaniel get angry about some of the things on their list, what Rebecca truly cares about is Paula, who is very hurt when she reads that Rebecca lied about Trent having dirt on her. Paula lashes out at Rebecca, and it's absolutely heartbreaking. While we understand completely why Rebecca did the things she did, she also keeps lying to Paula.

Without Paula by her side, when danger lands in Rebecca's lap, she doesn't know how to fight it. Trent has returned to West Covina, and he is now early season 3 Rebecca, specifically where she was at in the horror movie episode, which he makes obvious when he calls himself "a scary, scary sexy man." Not knowing what Trent has in store, Rebecca turns to Paula, but Paula is done helping her. Paula listening to the voicemail from Rebecca on repeat is an intense scene, as her feelings of hurt and betrayal are what prevail, but she struggles internally with the fact that this is where she would normally come to save Rebecca.

Nathaniel doesn't seem to be having quite as good of a time as he should at his party for him and Mona moving in together, where there is a hilarious quote from George about Rebecca: "After everything she did for you that you didn't ask for, that stupid bitch." However, things are about to get a whole lot worse at the party. Rebecca discovers Trent's plan, that he is going to kill Nathaniel. Rebecca races to the party, where she sees Trent holding a knife over Nathaniel, and pushes him over the edge of the balcony. The bad things that Rebecca has done have now lead her to do something worse.

Rebecca gets arrested, and Nathaniel is going to represent her in court. The penultimate act of the episode ends with his plan: pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. It's the perfect thing for the show to come back to, will Rebecca represent herself as "crazy," and it causes the conflict of is what Rebecca did her fault or not. Nathaniel tries to convince her it isn't, but when Rebecca sees Paula in the courtroom, she recognizes that she chose to deceive Paula, it was her choice. So, Rebecca decides to take responsibility for her actions, the complete opposite of the last time she was on trial. Rebecca's speech at the end of the episode is incredibly impactful, and Rachel Bloom's performance is absolutely outstanding.

In the sub-plot of the episode, Heather is a week away from giving birth at the start, and it's really funny when there is a crowd in the room at the doctor's appointment, and how Heather obviously only wanted Hector there. When it comes time for Heather to actually give birth, there are a lot of funny jokes rooted in the limited and often ignorant male perspectives of childbirth, as Darryl doesn't think that Heather would want to start of the drugs, and he is surprised at how the experience differs from what he has scene on television. Also, Heather thanking the doctor after demanding the drugs was hilarious, and shows why Heather is great.

When Darryl and Heather talk about who they want to have around when she gives birth, and it's really funny when they debate whether having the whole group there would be a "group hang" or "having a few people over." Heather decides to get to the bottom of this, and Darryl admits how much he misses White Josh. After the birth, White Josh arrives at the hospital, to share a sweet scene with Darryl. I'm very glad that these two are at least friends again. Also, the fact that Darryl wanted to name the baby a horrible name combining Heather and Rebecca was funny.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode...

"The Miracle of Birth": Like in the first season, the season finale has a song early in the episode sung by Paula in a hospital. I thought that was a funny coincidence. Paula's joyfulness contrasted with the pain and misery she describes is enjoyable, and I really liked the reactions from everyone.

"Nothing Is Ever Anyone's Fault": The style choice for this song was excellent, and I really liked how this was the way that the episode brought to the front the conflict of whether or not people are responsible for their actions. Nathaniel and Rebecca tracing the history of the reasons for everyone's bad choices back to the big bang was the funniest part of the song, it got a huge laugh out of me.

While I was uncertain coming into the episode, this ended up being an outstanding one. It was engaging throughout, and the subplot provided some great comedy, while the main story focused on Rebecca taking responsibility for her actions. I am both afraid and excited for the fourth season, which is certain to happen, and very likely to be the final season, as creators Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom have indicated, but not yet confirmed.

Score: 10/10

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