Network - Episode 1.06 - The Morning After

Network - 1x06
“The Morning After”

By: Jessica Boggs

At the crack of dawn, we find ourselves in the bedroom. Clothes are on the floor, and Jesse and
Holly are in bed, attempting to wake up from the night before.

Jesse: Well, I enjoyed that more than I thought I would.
Holly (yawns): I did too.
Jesse: I guess it is time for me to get dressed.
Holly: Okay, you do that.

Jesse is dressed in his best business attire. He walks into the kitchen, grabs a couple of eggs and
prepares breakfast. Holly then walks into the kitchen, in last night’s clothes and cheerily skips into the
kitchen to surprise her lover by giving him a peck on the cheek. Jesse then is pleasantly surprised by
her gesture.

Jesse (with a smile): Well, that was a surprise.
Holly: Is breakfast almost ready?
Jesse: Just about it, honey. I got scrambled eggs ready. Do you want some?
Holly (happily): Of course!
Jesse: Coming right up!

Jesse is showing some regrets. The night before was a little too wild for television. So, he groans.

Jesse (with regret): What happened last night?

He gets out of the car, and heads over to work. If his boss finds out what happened last night,
his job might as well move over to the dumpster fire.

Leah, dressed in a business casual type dress, is carrying a clipboard with reports clipped on.
She then notices a sullen Jesse.

Leah (puzzled): What happened to you?
Jesse: Beats me.
Leah: I mean, why are you dressed like Regina George getting hit by a school bus?
Jesse: Last night was wild.
Leah (with a surprising look): How is that?

Leah then becomes horribly mortified.

Leah: What did you do last night?
Kasey (O.S.): What is going on here?
Leah (turns away): Nothing!

Kasey enters the scene, as if she is looking for an investigative ploy for the New York Times.

Kasey: Something must have happened last night for you two to almost get into an argument.

Leah and Jesse turn towards each other.
The scene is set after the cold open with Leah, Jesse, and Kasey.
Leah: How can we be arguing?
Jesse (in shock): What the heck is going on?
Kasey: Well, you look like a married couple arguing about what happened at a nightclub the
night before.

Jesse is noticeably horrified at what Kasey had suggested.

Jesse (in frustration): And whose business is it of yours to interfere in someone’s sex life?
Leah (turns to Jesse) Okay, honey. Calm down.
(turns to Kasey) This is between me and Jesse, okay? Why not just go to the office? Ash has
something for you there.
Kasey (perplexed): Okay. I must leave you two to work your problems out.

Kasey exits. Leah then turns to face Jesse. It is almost as if the two characters were fighting in a
Steve Reeves movie.

Leah: Now, tell me…what happened last night?
Jesse (stunned): Well, I, I…
Leah: Say it.
Jesse: Uh…well, one thing led to another. So I am coming clean.
Leah (cross-eyed): Wow. You slept with her. Wow Jesse, that is too much information to know.
Jesse (surprised): I thought I told you that I was coming clean.
Leah: Oh. Well, now I feel dirty.
Kasey (O.S.): What in the world is going on here?
Leah: Kasey, go away! This is private information.
Jesse (at an angle): You can come on in.

Kasey clumsily joins in this scene, and Leah turns with her mouth partially open as if
she wanted to yap at someone.

Kasey: I heard somebody got laid last night. Way to go, Jesse!
Leah (in disgust): Sleeping with a piece of trash from a dumpster fire is not something to celebrate,
Jesse: Let it go, Leah. Holly is my girlfriend. She is far from a piece of trash.
Leah: You know what, Jesse? We’ve been together for five years! FIVE YEARS!
Why did you have to trade years of love and respect for passion and lust?
Jesse: I do not want to get into this now. We broke up, and now you need to move on.
Kasey: Enough, you two! This is not the place to have drama between exes.
Regardless, we are still co-workers. We should respect each other despite our actions.
Ash (O.S.): What is going on here?

All characters stop in a California minute.

Leah: Ash! What are you doing here?
Ash: Witnessing an argument.
Leah (in shock): Argument? What argument?

Next week, we have the aftermath of the argument, folks! A gossip columnist joins in, and the
crazy begins.

WRITTEN BY: Jessica Boggs
CREATED BY: Jessica Boggs

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