Superior Donuts Season 2 Episode 12 Review

In this episode, Superior Donuts went with the theme of Black History Month. Wheels Langdon, an elderly man and former baseball player from the home that Sweatpants works in, came to the donut shop to teach a bunch of kids about his old times with Jackie Robinson. Meanwhile, Randy investigates Tush's most recent date.

This episode starts with Arthur watching the cops bust someone. It turns out that Randy knows that person. Randy then admits to missing working as a cop a little bit.

Tush then asks Randy how she likes this woman who he found on a dating site. Tush then listed the names of dating sites that he is on. I found the names of these sites to be unfunny and uninteresting. Pipe Smokers was the only interesting name for a dating app. It should have stopped there. In a quick change of topic, Franco storms in complaining to Fwaz about a sign that Fwaz used to lower his prices to make money. It seems like the show went from one topic to another in less than 10 seconds. That was too quick for me, and it seems like most episodes have Franco complaining to Fwaz about something that Fwaz says or does. I would have appreciated a different approach this time. Franco and Sweatpants then went on to complain that people do not know enough about Black History Month. Franco proposed that someone came into the shop to discuss Black History Month. In another quick transition, Tush said that he found someone named Amber Alert on the app. That scene had me laughing hysterically.

Tush walked in claiming that he was meeting someone named Paula for a date. Randy wants to investigate Tush's date. In yet another quick transition, Sweatpants told Franco that a baseball player who knew Jackie Robinson could come to the shop. After Tush left, Randy took Paula's cup to do a DNA Test. Once Wheels came in, he was not exactly pro-African American. I would have left out the orange president comment. Wheels was not positive about the African American's future. Wheels does not like Jackie because he "ruined everything." Wheels kept insulting Franco, until Franco tossed him out, but he stayed with Arthur. Going back to the Paula situation, Randy learned that she is crazy. Franco learns that the Wheels lied about his stats, and Franco tells him to get out after more fighting with him. Meanwhile, Tush does not seemed bothered about Paula's craziness, until he gets his eyebrow shaved by her. Also, Franco ends up going to the home to hear Wheel's story.

I really enjoyed this episode, although I was not a huge fan of the dating app names, nor was I am fan of the constant transitions between storylines. Both pilots were very funny, although I did not like Wheels very much. I liked to see Tush on a date finally.

Score: 8/10

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