Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3E12 Review

There's something that we haven't gotten any of at all this season, but we got for multiple episodes in previous seasons: Trent! The crazy man who is obsessed with Rebecca, just like she was with Josh, returns this week to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a week before the season finale.

S3E12 "Trent?!"

Trent is back in West Covina and causing problems with Rebecca. She had decided that her future was being alone, but Trent has another plan. Trent tells Rebecca how the last few months of his life has gone, explaining why he hasn't shown up yet since Rebecca and Josh's wedding fell apart. The story is absolutely ridiculous, which makes it very enjoyable. Trent blackmails Rebecca into being his girlfriend, as he has information on the hit Rebecca ordered on Mona.

Rebecca goes to Paula for help, but Rebecca doesn't want to tell Paula what Trent has on her, and Paula doesn't want to break the law. So, Rebecca lies to Paula, telling her that Trent has dirt on her too. Paula reluctantly participates, and the two find Trent's storage unit, which is really creepy. There are some funny moments in this storage unit, such as when Rebecca finds a bunch of her socks. In the end though, they find nothing they can use.

When Rebecca comes home, Trent finds out what she did. He tells her about the "love kernels" that she has supposedly left him, which leads to a really honest moment where Rebecca says that love kernels aren't real. Also, throughout this scene there are great jokes about Trent's cooking skills, and I especially love Heather here. In the end, Rebecca tries apologizing to Paula and Nathaniel for things, but they don't believe she has anything to apologize for, as they don't know the whole truth about everything. Somehow, despite being accepted by her friends, Rebecca feels lonely.

Nathaniel deals with the fact that he and Rebecca are over this week. There is a really enjoyable scene between him and White Josh (and his dog), and we get some White Josh judginess. After seeing her with Rebecca, he sees Mona, which he hasn't done in a while. She figures out that he has been sleeping with Rebecca, but after the two talk, she decides to stay for dinner.

Valencia and Beth, her girlfriend, are struggling with their party planning business. We get our first truly enjoyable moments from Beth here, as her deadpan plays well off Josh, who comes to them with a DJ-ing offer. Unfortunately, the rest of this story isn't as enjoyable, as Valencia insists on planning a classy party for a sweet sixteen, instead of what the girl wants, and Beth calls Valencia out for being ashamed of West Covina, which is something we haven't seen Valencia be so much of before this week. There is a fun ending though, as Josh and Valencia lead the teenagers in their dance, the royal.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode...

"Butload of Cats": This was a pretty fun song, as Rebecca decides that she doesn't want to be with a man, and comes to the very Rebecca conclusion that that doesn't mean she needs a cat, she needs a buttload of cats (which appears to be eight). The friendship that ends up developing between the women at the cat store is also really entertaining.

"I'm Just a Boy in Love": This is a hilarious callback to the season two theme song. It made the comparison between Rebecca's obsession and Trent's obsession clear, and it was just really, really funny. Blam!

"Back In Action": This was a fun but not at all stand-out song. I did like the contrast of Rebecca's enthusiasm and Paula's reluctance.

This was one of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's weaker episodes, but it was still a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend episode, so it was funny, and we got some good Rebecca moments near the end of the episode. It didn't feel like a penultimate episode of the season though, as it didn't really set up anything for the finale. I don't know what exactly is going to happen next (maybe Trent will be involved next week as well, revealing what Rebecca did on the dark web), but at this point it's looking like this may have been somewhat of a standalone episode.

Score: 8/10

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