The Middle S9E15 Review

Now that the Olympics are over, regular programming is back, and that includes The Middle. There are two bigger things with this week's episode. One is Sue's 21st birthday. The other is that Axl and Hutch head to Kenny's wedding.

S9E15 "Toasted"

The Hecks are all headed out at the start of the episode, going three separate ways. Frankie plans on bringing the "blue bag" (which is now orange), which other members of the family object to, but the funny twist is that no one ends up bringing the bag. Frankie is going to celebrate Sue's 21st birthday with her. Sue and Frankie get drunk, and behave like typical drunk sitcom characters. When they run into Sean, he acts as the adult. Unlike Aiden, Sean takes control of the situation, and takes care of drunk Sue. This proves how Sean is better for Sue than Aiden. Sue and Sean thankfully end up a step closer to being together, as Sue breaks up with Aiden.

Mike reluctantly takes Brick to a Planet Nowhere convention, where he complains about everything. When he doesn't like Mike's attitude, Brick texts Frankie, who texts Mike. When the two get home, Mike tries to take away something that Brick likes, realizing that taking away his phone won't do anything, and there's no point in sending Brick to his room. This is a funny scene, especially when Brick says that there isn't much that he cares about. In the end, Mike ends up breaking the light-bulb in the microfiche, and Brick convinces Mike to take him back to the convention by reminding him how many things he has from the Colts, so that Mike will be less critical of the Planet Nowhere memorabilia he wants.

Axl and Hutch head to Kenny's wedding, and along the way they contemplate whether or not they are grown-ups. They find it strange that they are old enough to have a friend that is getting married, but find reasons to assure themselves that they are not grown up. They wonder about what kind of people would be at Kenny's wedding, and assume that it will be small. However, a text from Kenny tells them that 600 people will be there. Hutch and Axl each come up with what they would say about each other if they were the one getting married, which is a nice moment, showing how much the two of them have grown. At the end, they discover that most of the attendees of Kenny's wedding are online. I wish we had gotten to see more of this wedding than just this brief moment, as we only got a second of Kenny.

This wasn't the strongest of Middle episodes, but it wasn't a bad one either. Each of the stories had their moments, though I enjoyed Frankie and Sue's story the least, as it fell into some typical sitcom tropes, but I am glad that progress was made in the Sue and Sean story. It was nice to see Hutch and Kenny again, though I would have liked more Kenny.

Score: 7/10

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