Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 12 Review

It's been about a week since this episode initially aired, but I've decided to review it anyway. Life in Pieces has recently been delivering decent but unspectacular recently. I'm hoping for a better episode this time around.

In the first story, Tim and Heather are moving out of John and Joan's, and Tim tells them about a thank you gift he's sending them. A toilet, and a fancy Japanese one at that, gets delivered at John and Joean's. Joan is freaked out by it, and wants it gone, but John wants to keep it. Tim is on the phone and we find out that the toilet was for Tim and not John. Tim goes to see John, and John thanks him for his gift. He describes it in detail, telling him about sitting on it, which confuses Tim. Meanwhile, Joan seemingly falls for the toilet. Tim then finds out that the toilet was delivered there, and he tries to tell them it wasn't for them. Joan thanks Tim very sincerely, and John lets him call him dad. Tim lets them keep the toilet, and then John throws away the bobbleheads Tim actually ordered for him.

In the second story, Sophia tells Heather about her "emotionally rich" day at school. The girls at school are shaving their legs, and Sophia wants to as well. Heather tells her she's too young, and Sophia tries to convince her otherwise. Later, Heather notices that Sophia is wearing jeans under her dress in order to "avoid ridicule." Heather then gets called to Sophia's school after she overheats during a soccer game. Heather tries to keep her from wearing jeans, but she refuses, and even swims in them later. That night, Heather tells her she can shave her legs. She tries to show her how, but Sophia won't go. Sophia tells her the real reason she won't take her jeans off: she cut her legs up when she shaved them. Heather is horrified, but she brushes it off as a learning experience, while Sophia becomes the one that's anti-shaving.

In the third story, Greg and Jen's neighbors, Finn and ??? (wife of Finn) invite them over to a party, but they tell them they can't go because they're going to a lawyer convention. During the party, Jen spies on it and is upset she can't go, but Greg convinces her to stay in the house so the neighbors won't know they lied. That plan gets more difficult when John and Joan show up. Finn yells at John and Joan, telling them stay away from him "friends" house, but Greg and Jen quickly run out and tell them they're home and not to murder John and Joan. They lie to them again about LawyerCon, telling them it was canceled. Finn apologizes to Greg for acting crazy, and Greg gets honest about LawyerCon not existing. Finn then gets upset.

In the fourth story, Matt and Colleen are meeting with a fertility consultant. The consultant gives them food and sex tips, and he even brought windchimes. He also went through their medicine cabinet, and they quickly lose just all the (very little) trust they had in him. Colleen goes to see Joan, who is very busy with patients, and tells her she's taking pills but Matt doesn't know. Meanwhile, Matt tells Colleen about pills he's taking, but Colleen doesn't know about. Later, they both tell each other about the pills.

I really enjoyed the first story, but after that, things got much less enjoyable. The second story was just so-so. It wasn't really that funny, but it did provide for some nice mother-daughter moments between Heather and Sophia, which was nice. The third story felt very sitcom-y, and was so unoriginal and clichè-ridden that I really didn't enjoy it very much. The fourth story was also not very funny, and I'm caring less and less each week about Matt and Colleen's journey to have a baby. It's been dragged out for so long now and my care level is pretty much in the negatives now. It's just become a realy nuisance. It could be worst though. It could be the Tyler and Clementine divorce story. Oh what fun!

My Score: 7/10
My Grade: C+

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