Speechless S2E14 Review

After a long break due to ABC's Wednesday line-up doing a week of unusual scheduling then taking some time off, some of it due to the Olympics, Speechless is finally back. This week is a big one for J.J, as he turns 18, but doesn't feel like the adult he now legally is.


J.J's eighteenth birthday is here, so Kenneth takes him to do the things that you can do when you turn 18, aside from the things on Maya's list of things he can't do. This is fairly enjoyable, but J.J. realizes that his experience of being an adult doesn't really measure up to other people's. He leaves his birthday party in the middle of it, and the whole thing feels very reminiscent of last season when J.J. ran away. At least this time it's a little different, as Kenneth is the one that talks to J.J, unlike how last time Maya went with him. The scene where Kenneth stops Maya from going is very funny, the relationship between the two of them is always entertaining for the show to explore, and Minnie Driver is absolutely delightful here, as she often is. In the end, J.J. realizes that to be treated like an adult, he should act like one, and his parents give him some extra space, making the garage his man-cave.

The other two DiMeo kids have stories that have to do with dating. Ray's story deals with a complication in his relationship with Taylor, that complication being an attractive exchange student that is staying with her. The story is fairly typical in premise, but it winds up being interesting, as Ray tries out some of the moves that Jimmy had used, and things get out of hand. While I enjoyed this story, I was disappointed with the way it ended. After another girl kisses Ray, he tells Taylor, and the two have a very typical sitcom break-up, that, as usual, feels forced.

I liked Dylan's romantic story better than Ray's. The wrestling coach tries to get her to join the team, but she isn't interested until she discovers a boy she is interested in is on the team. Things seem to be going well for her from there, until a dilemma arises, the two of them are in the same weight class, so only one can wrestle for the team. It's a funny moment where Dylan insists that she will gain weight for this boy, not lose weight, but that turns out to have been his plan as well. There is a hilarious line here delivered by the wrestling coach, who admits he likes wrestling with decisions as well. In the end, despite Dylan winning, the two end up together. I like that this wasn't just an episodic story, but one that will continue.

This was a fun episode, and I especially liked Dylan's story. Each of the three stories had their funny moments though, and it had plot progression for the younger two kids, as one's relationship started and another ended.

Score: 8.5/10

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