Mom 100th Episode Review

In Mom's 100th episode, Baxter returns when Christy runs into car problems, and she is offered help from Adam and Patrick.

S5E12 "Push-Down Coffee and a Working Turn Signal"

When Christy's car breaks down, she has to rely on public transportation. Taking the bus places turns out to not work out very well for Christy. Anna Faris gets to show off her physical comedy skills a little bit on the bus. She refuses help from Patrick to get a new car, but after falling asleep on the bus, she accepts help from Adam.

Christy goes to Baxter to buy a car. I'm glad that the show decided to bring back an old cast member, but Baxter was not very entertaining. When Patrick and Bonnie find out how Christy was able to buy a car, an argument occurs, and Bonnie has a really funny line about how confused she is that people are yelling but no one is mad at her.

This was another disappointing Mom episode. There were a couple of funny moments, but just a couple in the whole half-hour. Also, the story of the episode wasn't very compelling, as nothing really happened once everyone found out Adam gave Christy money.

Score: 4.5/10

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