Man With a Plan Season 2 Episode 11 Review

Man With a Plan returns for its first episode after the Olympics, and so do I, and it seems as if Joe's about to become besties with Adam. Or at least he thinks so.

Adam comes home after hours of bingo with his mom, and he's not in a great mood. The day was terrible, but at least he got a pill organizer out of it. He's the only one that takes her, since Joe and Andi won't. Andi, however, is especially guilty, since she's the one that told Bev that Adam loves bingo. They figure out that Bev is really just bored and lonely, but they come up with a plan to get her to volunteer at the hospital, all in the hopes that she'll be too tires for bingo. She's an everyday Mary Tyler Moore! Meanwhile, Joe has decided to become Adam's stalker. He wants to follow him around everywhere, now that Bev isn't around. And for Adam, it. is. painful.

Adam asks the guys for advice on Joe, and they tell him to ditch him. Adam can't do this to Joe, but after a few days of dealing with him, this really seems like the best plan. Joe is unbearable, especially when it comes to his airport soda. Adam then talks to Andi about his wonderful experiences with Joe, but she gives him a pep talk and tells him he'll be okay. On the plus side, Bev is doing great at the hospital. Adam shows Andi a little surprise: Joe. In their bed. Watching TV. She's not a fan of this. Joe tells Adam something that tugs at his heartstrings a bit: he's upset about Bev changing her ways all of the sudden. This results in Adam and Andi making a meatloaf for him. As they make dinner, Adam tells Andi about Joe's predicament, and he decides that Bev needs to stop volunteering, a plan Andi isn't happy about.

When Bev gets home, Adam decides it's time to talk about quitting. He doesn't really say it clearly, but Bev catches on. She tells him how happy volunteering makes her, and that Joe just misses her cooking and cleaning. So she storms out, calling Joe a selfish bastard. Joe decides to stay the night in Adam and Andi's bed. That night, Adam tells Andi about his plan for their golden years, which is eerily similar to Joe's plan. Andi's much more ambitious, and wants to actually do things. That night, Adam has a nightmare related to these plans, and that sets him straight. He talks to his dad, and tells him that he needs to become more independent and less reliant on Bev. They make a frittata together, though Joe won't put on a damn cooking costume. That night, Andi brings Bev to the house, where Joe surprises him with a dinner of scrambled eggs, since frittatas are a real SOB. She's very happy that he's willing to adapt for her, and all seems to be good between them.

I really have missed this show and this insane family. This was a really strong episode, and I laughed quite a bit during it. It wasn't the show's strongest, but it certainly was a good one. It was nice to have an episode with the focus on Joe, rather than Adam and Andi. It was a nice change of pace, something this show needs every once in awhile. I also appreciate that Bev is being used more and more in the show, though I do wish that Don and Lowell would have played a larger part this week, which is a complaint I've unfortunately had a lot this season. All in all though, a very solid episode.
My Score: 9/10
My Grade: A-

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