A Simple Music Review: Yoko Shimomura

Before you get your pitchforks out, just know that this isn't the same Yoko that broke up the Beatles.

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As some of you might be aware, I was absent for the last few months and I must admit Miss Shimomura was partly to blame. You see, the truth is I am a Kingdom Hearts fan and I have been one for the last 10 years. For the last 2 months, I have mainly been replaying the older games to prepare myself for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

 I credit Miss Shimomura for my absence due to the fact that her contributions to the KH franchise are one of the highlights of the series. Even when I wasn't playing, I would still be serenading myself with her various musical compositions. Despite the ups and downs in my life, Miss Shimomura's music has always been there for me. Her tracks have the capability to either calm me down (Traverse Town) or get me energized (Rage Awakened).

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Throughout the years, Miss Shimomura has garnered much acclaim for her work, even going so far as having an international orchestra concert tour last year. Aside from Kingdom Hearts, she has also worked on Mario & Luigi and the Legend of Mana franchises and recently composed the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV. She is currently working on the score for Kingdom Hearts 3 set for this year.

Unlike most of my reviews, the list of songs below are not ranked in terms of personal preference but are listed based on their level of tranquillity and emotion:

5. A Very Small Wish
4. Traverse Town
3. Lazy Afternoon
2. Kairi
1. Roxas

And this list is based on level of intensity:

5. The Encounter
4. The 13th Struggle
3. Lord of the Castle
2. Darkness of the Unknown
1. Rage Awakened

These lists consist of just a few of Miss Shimomura's best songs and while I wish I could add more to the above, I hope these songs will be enough to make you appreciate her as much as I do.

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