The Goldbergs Season 5 Episode 14 Review

It's time for an NFL-inspired Goldbergs in the show's return. This one is a love note to the Philadelphia Eagles, recent Super Bowl champions and Philadelphia's best football team. And also their only football team.

It's 1980-something, so the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle is all the rage. The Goldbergs don't like that very much. So Barry and the JTP decide to remake it. But since they're holding a football in it, Beverly decides to ruin their fun. So very Bev-like. She also gives Adam a haircut with her new Flowbee, which can only really end one way. It's all part of her Bev-olution, which includes buying everything under the sun from QVC. Murray doesn't like this very much. He does, however, like her idea to make her own QVC product. This shocks both Bev and Pops, who don't believe that he's even capable of being supportive. This is definitely justified doubt. Meanwhile, Barry is sad that he can't join the football team, but he's given a great gift in the form of Beverly's newfound dream. That dream is a horrific jean jacket that is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. QVC ignores her million calls, so Murray decides to send them to Erica at college. Erica tells Murray that they suck, but he's adamant that they'll be successful. Back in Barryland, Barry goes to Coach Mellor to join the football team. He joins the team, but he's horrible. Like, really horrible. So Mellor puts him on the bench.

Barry's moping about being put on the bench, so sports expert Adam cheers him up by telling him that really, he's the star. He's not at all correct, but it makes Barry happy. Bevware is failing hard, because the jackets are ugly as sin. Murray, once again, is the otimistic one. Somehow. He tries to give them away at the furniture store, but nobody wants them. At school, the football team is busy singing a catchy song, which the coaches are somehow not thrilled about. Mellor tells him that he's not the star of the team, and that this is real life, not some sports movie. Barry storms out, with no support from the team. Elsewhere, Murray and Pops lie to Beverly about making a bunch of money, but she finds out it's a lie when a buzzkill from the thrift store describes, in great detail, how horrible the jackets are. Beverly is devastated, and it's really sad to watch.

Adam gives Barry a pep talk, once again trying to make him into a sports star. Barry is motivated by this, and he heads to the football game. He inspires the team to get out and play, and they break into song. Still, Mellor won't let him play. Barry doesn't really care, he's a champion in his heart. Kinda like how Beverly is a champion in Murray's heart. Speaking of Murray and Bev, they make up and the Bev-olution is back on track, but Bevware is pretty much dead. Rest in peace Bevware, you were amazingly awful.

Wrap Up:
This was an enjoyable episode for sure, but it wasn't one of my favorites this season. I did love Beverly's storyline, though. It was great to see Murray as something other than the antagonist for once. To see him as supportive husband was really great, and something all too rare for this show. Those jackets really were hilarious to look at, and I would buy one because they're just hilarious. Barry's storyline, meanwhile, wasn't as good. It was fine, but I wasn't thrilled by it. At times, it just dragged on, and I wanted to go back to the Bev storyline. I appreciate why they did it (Fly Eagles, Fly!), but it just fell a bit flat for me. Still, it's far the worst storyline we've seen on the show this season.

My Score: 8/10
My Grade: B

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