The Good Place Season 2 Fall Finale Review

In the fall finale of The Good Place, Janet's boyfriend Derek is causing problems for Michael and our humans.

S2E8 "Derek"

Michael goes to Eleanor and Chidi to figure out how to get rid of Derek but remain ethical. They struggle with this, and Michael struggles in particular with his motivation, which Chidi reminds him is key. Throughout this, Janet and Derek are hilarious. They had many great lines, such as "You were the one that gave me windchimes instead of a penis."

Jason and Tahani are spending time together, which means many funny Jason moments. When Tahani expresses how she likes that she can be herself around him, he asks her to marry him. Michael, Eleanor, and Chidi come to stop the wedding, revealing to Tahani and Jason that Jason and Janet got married before the reboots.

Eleanor talks to Janet, telling her that she needs to talk about her feelings, and that she can always come to her. Kristen Bell subtly gives a great performance this week, though Eleanor doesn't have many lies that are that funny, aside from when she tells everyone to look away from Janet making out with Derek while she is going to watch.

At the end of the episode, Eleanor tells Chidi about how they fell in love with each other before and she asks him to discuss his feelings. He says that he doesn't feel anything for her, and Kristen Bell is perfect as Eleanor says that she doesn't feel anything. The very end of the episode provides a big plot development: Sean has showed up.

Derek was entertaining, but as a plot point it just lead to a lot of freaking out and then an easy solution. Story-wise, it certainly wasn't the show's strongest step. The two couples in this episode though were very funny, and the ending of the episode was great.

Score: 8/10

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