Superstore S3E6 Review

In the fall finale of Superstore, health is the issue, with Mateo having an ear infection and Glenn having a potentially concerning mole.

S3E6 "Health Fund"

After Mateo gets an ear infection, Jonah tries to put together a health fund for the employees of Cloud 9. Amy doubts that this will work, and her sarcasm is very funny. Jonah presents the idea to the rest, and, after some initial doubt as to whether socialism leads to fjords or the government watching people on the toilet, the decide that they like the idea.

Amy feels like she deserves some of the credit, and it's hilarious as she tries to get it. Jonah lets Amy take some credit, only to reveal to her that the health fund is failing. It's very funny as they try to solve the heath fund, as everyone gets mad at them, and it gets more complicated. In the end, the health fund ends up being a total failure, acknowledging the complicated nature of healthcare.

Glenn is worried about a mole he has on his penis. When he can't get a dermatologist appointment for six months, he goes elsewhere to try to find out if it's serious. It's hilarious when he tries to hide his computer screen from Garrett, and when he goes to the pharmacist, who shows Glenn his penis to make him more comfortable.

He recruits Dina to help him, and there are many funny moments here, as Glenn is very uncomfortable with this whole situation. In the end, it turns out that the mole is nothing, but Dina reminds Glenn that she now has a picture of his penis, which is a very Dina thing to do.

This was a very funny episode, though it took a little bit for it to get that funny, as the first few minutes weren't as strong. I also liked the fact that the episode had a unifying theme of health.

Score: 9.5/10

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