The Middle S9E2 Review

The two younger Hecks return to school in this week's episode of The Middle.

S9E2 "Please Don't Feed the Hecks"

Axl finally got a job, but it's as a school bus driver. It's kind of an odd job for Axl to have, especially since he just graduated from college, but it's obviously so that he and Brick can interact more. Brick is still excited for his sophomore year, and he hilariously thinks that the bus is the way for him to meet girls: "In the winter, when it gets dark by 4:00, that's when things happen." The focus of Brick, Axl, and the bus ends up becoming career day at Brick's school. Frankie isn't allowed to go, which leaves Mike as the only option. However, this is Mike, he isn't going to want to do that. Axl tries to get Mike to come, and it's funny when he talks about Brick going in the wrong door every day. At first, Mike doesn't show up, and Axl talks about his job, but then Mike shows up. Both of them do poorly, which is funny.

Sue is prepared for a great year, once again. However, when her and Lexi return to their apartment, they discover that someone is living there and doesn't plan on moving out until November. He also turns out to be one of Sue's professors, which makes it more difficult for her to confront him. There are some funny moments as Sue and Lexi try to figure out what to do, such as when Sue practices being tough with Brad. In the end, Sean shows up and saves the day. While this story wasn't that funny, it had a great ending: when Sue struggles with the fact that she didn't want to be rescued, and Sean and Sue shared a great moment.

After Frankie gives Nancy Donahue a scarf and gets a delicious apple pie in return, Frankie tries to get more food from Nancy by giving her things. It's very funny when Frankie and Mike eat the good food in the bathroom to keep it from everyone else. After a dish that's just ordinary, Frankie visits Nancy, who admits that she hasn't been feeling like herself. However, this turns out to be just a way for Nancy to get something from the Hecks. It seems like an odd ending to the story, but it is similar to the season seven episode "A Very Donahue Vacation", when Nancy pushed Frankie into the pool.

Brick's story was the funniest of the three this week, though it took a while for the story to actually get started. Sue's story worked the best as a story, though it didn't have that many funny moments. Finally, Frankie's story was alright, but definitely didn't stand out.

Score: 7.5/10

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