ABC Cancels General Hospital on Its 61st Anniversary

Drama is perennial, though apparently not in daytime.  In a cruel taste of irony, ABC decided to cancel General Hospital on its 61st anniversary, having launched on the joke of a day April 1, 1963.  Citing low viewership and unfathomable production costs, ABC cancelled the series with a November 31, 2024 finale marking the longest-running televised soap opera to grace broadcast television.  Former soap Guiding Light did span 72 years, but only 57 televised and leaving GH as the current record-holder of televised soap seasons.  While this loss is embittering to longtime daytime fans, ABC has opted to replace the beloved show with Tori Speeling's new series, "Money Wise," as a talkshow solution which she lectures the audience a la Dr. Phil about balancing finances.  

"We know Tori is what people want to see, not 2000's mobsters or an entitled Karen like Carly Corinthos huffing, puffing and blowing down sets in every episode." stated ABC rep Vonya Kilstedt.  "They want to see someone with money-sense and savvy like Tori.  Sorry for all of you who love a past-dated soap, but the 2020's are their own brand of drama."  Quite bold, considering ABC's ratings are sinking to CW levels, and often beat during daytime hours.   It appears ABC is seeking to become a copycat of said network as they are scraping primetime scripted programming left and right, having already hocked Station 19, The Good Doctor and The Conners.  Why should they discriminate with daytime?  While General Hospital offered viewers some art vs insult as they knew it was fiction, it was not as lucrative as The View, which has more interest behind the scenes with its regular drama instead of the content?

It appears to be a disastrous tell for scripted programming.  And for those familiar with calendars, relax.  It's April Fool's Day.  We roasted the big bad wolf, who shall continue to yell at people 5 days a week on ABC daytime.

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