Biden Good Melons: Meet the Latest FOX Single Cam Sitcom for Fall 2024

So many have accused the POTUS of being asleep on the job.  Unbeknownst to the public, when Joe Biden has been perceived asleep at the wheel, he has been sequestered in the Oval Office fulfilling one more life adventure: writing and starring in his own sitcom.  And he is taking his on the job experience to address fresh imports, having mistaken a rebuilt woman's assets when feeling around for produce which hasn't merged south.  After a well-deserved slap, Joe is inspired to assemble a farmer's market self titled "Biden Good Melons" on the streets of Washington DC in a demonstration he is working to counter inflation.

Joining Joe Biden is Wanda Sykes as Regina, Joe's wisecracking assistant who not only doles out sarcasm while customers ask "Where's the Dole sticker," followed by her remarking "This ain't 1996, and we don't do knockoffs in an election year."  While she entertains the Karens remarking her produce is squashed and small as Ross Perot, she guides her clueless boss as his hand needs to be on the bottom line, not someone's blouse.  

Rounding out the cast is Amy Schumer as Karen, an insufferable frequent patron living up to her name, Tina Fey as Sarah, a pant-suit donning socialite with a beehive hairdo seeking to locate Alaskan produce, Kate McKinnon as Kelly Anne, a figment with bizarre makeup Joe sees in the sewers who steers him to give customers some crazy quotes, and Maya Rudolph as Kammie, Joe's work wife who reminds him he already has an office and nap time is over.  Are you willing to let Joe give you a squeeze to locate the perfect melon?  Join FOX for the debut episode on Tuesday, September 31

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