Raymond Island Season 5 Episode 7 - Rich Girl (Midseason Premiere)

Raymond Island Season 5, Episode 7
Rich Girl

Gretchen is laying on the couch in her living room.
Lucinda: Do you not have work today?
Gretchen: I have a headache.
Lucinda: So does that mean no work? You just gonna hope Rhode Island governs itself today?
Gretchen: Mom, it’s six in the morning. I have time to relax.
Lucinda: Wow, you’re right. It felt later. I apologize. Have you eaten anything?
Gretchen: No.
Lucinda: Do you have an appetite?
Gretchen: Not really.
Lucinda: I’m going to make you a piece of toast so you can take some ibuprofen. It’ll get that head feeling better and you’ll be ready for the day!
Gretchen: Wow, thank you, mom.
Lucinda: Why do you sound so surprised? I’m your mother! It’s my job to take care of you.
Gretchen: Do you want something?
Lucinda: Of course not! I just love you!
Gretchen: That’s new.
Anthony: Lucinda, put the bottle of pills down!
Lucinda: Huh?
Anthony: You are not poisoning my wife on my watch!
Lucinda: She has a headache! And your shouting’s not helping her any!
Anthony: Is this true?
Gretchen: Yes. I’m as surprised as you are that my mother is actually acting like a mother and not a Russian figure skating coach.
Anthony: There has to be some sort of ulterior motive.
Lucinda: You think I need a motive in order to help nurse my daughter back to health?
Anthony: It’s the first time I’ve ever seen you do it, so… yeah.
Lucinda: I am offended! I just love my daughter and want her to heal.
Gretchen: You didn’t seem to are too much when you nearly ripped my head off when you saw me here and asked if the state would be governing itself.
Lucinda: It’s early, I was cranky, I’d just gotten up. It happens to all of us.
Gretchen: Sure.
Lucinda: I do have something to tell you, though.
Gretchen: Okay, here it is! She’s buttering me up, she’s probably about to tell me I’m adopted or something.
Lucinda: No! I still have the scar from my cesarean!
Gretchen: That could be from Mary or Eddie!
Lucinda: The only reason they were c-sections is because of you!
Gretchen: I don’t think that’s fair.
Anthony: Looks like the real Lucinda’s waking up finally.
Gretchen: She’s always up before me, maybe it takes an good half-hour for the evil within to awaken.
Lucinda: Do you want this bagel or not?
Gretchen: I thought you were making toast.
Lucinda: Plans change! Speaking of plans, you got any for, say, this Friday?
Gretchen: What do you want?
Anthony: We’re getting to the root cause of her semi-kindness.
Lucinda: I am a very nice person.
Anthony: I wish Christina were here to see this. She’d be shocked you have jokes!
Lucinda: Gretchen, the good folks of Better Homes & Gardens called and asked if you’d be interested in appearing in the magazine and giving them a tour of the house. I sort of said yes.
Gretchen: Why would you do that?
Lucinda: I don’t know!
Gretchen: You don’t like being bothered by people!
Lucinda: I know!
Gretchen: It would be nice if I could be consulted about whether or not I’m getting signed up for magazine appearances.
Toby: Do magazines still exist?
Anthony: Toby, what are you doing up? It’s so early!
Toby: I had to pee.
Lucinda: It just gets worse the older you get, kid. Enjoy that bladder while you got it.
Gretchen: You have to get up in an hour for school, head back to bed.
Toby: Okay!
Gretchen: So back to yelling at you.
Lucinda: I thought your head hurt.
Gretchen: I have greater pain somewhere else right now.
Lucinda: So you don’t want the ibuprofen anymore?
Gretchen: Are they coming on Friday?
Lucinda: Yes.
Gretchen: I will do the magazine spread, but I’m not thrilled about it. Now, my headache actually is really pounding right now and I desperately need that medicine and a bit of peace and quiet.
Lucinda: So you’re not mad at me?
Gretchen: I didn’t say that.
Later that day…
Carol: Someone’s late!
Gretchen: Oh, it’s been a day.
Sarita: It’s nine-thirty!
Gretchen: Can it, Massachusetts!
Sarita: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t speak.
Gretchen: Correct.
Susana: What’s going on?
Carol: Yeah, what did Lucinda do now?
Gretchen: Well, first, I’ve got a pounding headache.
Carol: Yeah, that’s definitely Lucinda’s fault.
Gretchen: That’s not all! In fact, the other thing is a much bigger deal.
Carol: Oh no.
Gretchen: I’m going to be in Better Homes & Gardens.
Carol: That’s it?
Gretchen: I don’t exactly have a desire to be in Better Homes & Gardens.
Carol: Well, why are you going to be in it?
Gretchen: My mother!
Carol: Oh, I should’ve known. She’s the cause of nearly everything you complain about.
Gretchen: But she’s my mother, what am I gonna do?
Carol: Exactly! We have to take care of our mothers and protect them and put up with their nonsense as a thank you for all their years of doing the same for you. You hear that, kids?
Susana: Didn’t you put grandma in a h-
Carol: Grandma was sick, Susana. Grandma had advanced dementia.
Susana: Grandma seems fine to me! She’s in a cheerleading club at the retirement home!
Carol: Then what were you complaining about? She’s living her best life!
Gretchen: Can we focus on the real issue here?
Carol: You having to appear in a magazine that only dentists still subscribe to for use in their waiting rooms?
Gretchen: Exactly!
Susana: There were actually some things to ta-
Gretchen: I need advice! They’re coming on Friday for this interview and house tour, and I’m dreading it completely. First of all, my house is a mess.
Susana: Your house is a palace!
Gretchen: Architecturally? It legally is. The inside, though, is a mess. I’m very down-to-earth, I won’t hire a housekeeper. I’m also busy, I don’t have time to clean much besides a bit of vacuuming and doing the bathrooms. We have a lot of stuff. Clutter.
Carol: I’m starting to think today won’t be a productive day.
Gretchen: Good guess! I need your help to get my house in order! We have nothing to do today, I want to go get that done.
Susana: That’s gotta be illegal, no?
Gretchen: No! At least I don’t think it is…
Carol: I’ll look into it.
Gretchen: No. Massachusetts, you look into it. Carol will lie to get out of it, you’re unbiased.
Sarita: I appreciate that!
Carol: I would never lie!
Samantha: Hey, what’s going on with you guys today?
Carol: I’m not here!
Samantha: I see you!
Susana: Nothing’s up at all today! Very boring day. The governor just has a headache.
Samantha: Oh, good, I’m not interrupting anything.
Sarita: I looked into it, there’s nothing in the law about employees of the state not being allowed to assist in personal matters.
Samantha: What’s this?
Sarita: Oh, we’re gonna help the governor get her house in order for a photoshoot with Better Homes & Gardens!
Samantha: You are? Can I come?
Gretchen: Thanks a lot, Massachusetts!
Samantha: I love Better Homes & Gardens! I read it all the time.
Gretchen: That’s nice, Pratt. Come on, girls, we have work. Not you, Massachusetts, we need someone to handle the office work.
Sarita: Oh! Right…
Susana: I think you upset her.
Sarita: I’m fine! You trust me enough to watch the office, that’s huge!
Gretchen: That’s the spirit! Now, let’s go get my house in order so I don’t embarrass myself in front of the two or three dozen people who still buy magazines.
Three days later…
Anthony: Someone’s at the door!
Lucinda: I think it’s Better Homes & Gardens.
Anthony: You don’t say!
Gretchen: Hello and welcome to our home!
Woman: Hi, I’m Hannah Zabrowski, photographer for Better Homes & Gardens. The interviewer will be by later, but first we’re going to get some pictures for the article.
Gretchen: Lovely to meet you and lovely to have you in our home!
Hannah: A lot of celebrities giving home tours aren’t really sure what to do, so let me just give a quick rundown. We’re going to get a few pictures of you in some of the rooms being as natural as possible. I know it’s hard to be natural with a flashing camera, but you do get used to it.
Gretchen: I ran for vice president, that got me used to cameras pretty quickly. Don’t worry about me.
Hannah: These cameras are a bit different, but like I said, you’ll adapt fast. So, we’re not taking pictures in every room, it’ll be up to you to show us some of your favorites. Also, it’s a beautiful day, so we’re going to take a few outside on the grounds. You have a beautiful garden.
Lucinda: All thanks to me!
Gretchen: Oh, Hannah, this is my mother. She is not getting photographed today.
Lucinda: I can still help show her around the place. No one spends more time in this house than me!
Gretchen: You are certainly right about that.
Lucinda: I set this whole spread up, she wouldn’t be here without me!
Gretchen: Also very true.
Hannah: It’s sweet how you give your mom credit for the impact she’s had on you.
Gretchen: You wouldn’t know the half of it!
One month later…
Carol: Gretchen… The View.
Gretchen: Do they want me on the show?
Carol: No, you were kinda already on it today.
Gretchen: What do you mean by that? And why were you watching The View at work?
Carol: I wasn’t, I got texts about it. They’re talking about your cover in Better Homes & Gardens!
Gretchen: I bet Whoopi loved it.
Carol: Whoopi did not.
Gretchen: Did Joy?
Carol: Joy did not.
Gretchen: Did any of them?
Sarita: Ana Navarro defended you!
Gretchen: Defended me from what?
Susana: They’re kinda cooking you on Twitter. X. Whatever it’s called.
Carol: Twitter! Screw Elon Musk!
Susana: I agree with you there.
Gretchen: What? Why is Twitter bullying me?
Carol: Well, from what Whoopi and the View gals say, you’re out of touch. Our state’s in a housing crisis and you’re posing in your mansion on the cover of magazines.
Gretchen: Since when is our state in a housing crisis?
Carol: Okay, don’t tell anyone you said that.
Susana: Did the Vogue shoot not teach us to say no to magazine spreads?
Gretchen: Oh my god, I forgot about Vogue! I was a national joke! They an SNL about it! Not a sketch, a whole SNL episode! They referenced it like five times!
Carol: It wasn’t that bad. That was sexist criticism thrown at you. This… this is bad PR.
Susana: Anna Wintour yelled at me.
Carol: I’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada, she yells at everyone!
Gretchen: How mean was Whoopi to me?
Carol: She called you a bonehead.
Sarita: Classic Whoopi!
Gretchen: I’m starting to think you all watch The View when you’re supposed to be working.
Sarita: Just me!
Gretchen: So how do we deal with becoming the subject of national mockery yet again?
Jeanne: Are you not used to it by now?
Gretchen: Not today, Satan, not today!
Jeanne: Why must you be so cruel to me?
Hank: Leave her alone, she’s going through a lot!
Jeanne: All right, I’ll go. You’ll never hear what wise ideas I was bringing to you, though!
Gretchen: Wait!
Jeanne: Wow, that’s all I had to say to convince you to let me in?
Gretchen: I have a proposal for the both of you.
Hank: Okay, but first I wanted to show you my favorite Twitter memes about the situation.
Gretchen: I’m here to govern, not meme.
Hank: You don’t want to see the fancam set to Rich Girl by Hall and Oates?
Jeanne: Aren’t you sad they split up? They seemed like the best of friends!
Hank: I know! It’s heartbreaking!
Gretchen: I don’t even know what a “fancam” is, I certainly don’t want to see it!
Hank: Your loss.
Gretchen: I want to work on something to help turn this housing crisis around. I’m going to speak with some experts and with the Secretary of Housing about a plan to combat it. I need your assurance that you’ll be willing to support it if it’s written.
Hank: You’re the governor, you can’t write laws.
Gretchen: You realize my sister’s a member of the house, right?
Hank: I try so hard to forget. She’s very annoying.
Gretchen: Good.
Jeanne: I don’t think there’s a housing crisis at all! Go to Newport and tell me there’s a housing crisis after looking at those mansions!
Carol: You know, those mansions are, quite famously, uninhabited because they are museums now!
Jeanne: Well, let’s turn The Breakers into a Ramada, then! Problem solved!
Gretchen: Ramada? We have a housing crisis, not a hotel crisis!
Jeanne: Oh, stop being so technical!
Hank: You know what? I think we need some good PR, and I do, despite your opinion of me, care about helping the state. I’d be open to backing something if it has a genuine chance of helping the state out.
Gretchen: Thank you! All I ask is that you have an open mind!
Hank: My mind is always open.
Gretchen: We both know that’s not true, but I appreciate it being open now.
Later that night…
Christina: Oh, mom, bring it in!
Gretchen: What are you doing here, kiddo?
Christina: It’s Friday, and I saw Twitter, and I figured you could use the support.
Gretchen: Where’s your grandmother?
Christina: Don’t kill her, please!
Gretchen: I won’t. I could never get away with it with so many eyes on me now.
Lucinda: The magazine looks great, Gretchen!
Gretchen: You bitch!
Anthony: Oh my god, I’ve waited over twenty years for this!
Christina: Let’s stay calm.
Gretchen: I’m getting mocked all over the place because you made me do that stupid magazine about our HOUSE while we’re in a housing crisis! I look like the most out-of-touch idiot alive!
Lucinda: Have you considered doing something about the housing crisis?
Gretchen: Shut the hell up!
Lucinda: I didn’t mean to get you in trouble. Honestly, I’m still not sure why I said you’d do it.
Gretchen: I finally understand it now. You wanted to show off your garden!
Lucinda: That’s not true!
Gretchen: You forced yourself into the picture.
Lucinda: She was begging me to be in it! They eat up those sweet mother-daughter moments in those glossy rich people magazines.
Gretchen: I’m trying to be a woman of the people, being in a rich person magazine doesn’t help that.
Lucinda: You’re the governor, no one finds the governor relatable anyway.
Gretchen: You upset me.
Lucinda: How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?
Gretchen: Christina, I’m so glad you’re here. I’ll be in my study making calls for a few hours and then we’ll hang out. Good?
Christina: Sounds good!
Lucinda: I hope none of your calls are to a hit man!
Gretchen: Don’t give me any ideas. 

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