Dr. Oz Returns To Daytime TV, Rebrands Himself as Dr. Ozempic


Things haven't been easy for Dr. Oz after his 2022 run for the senate ended in loss. Since his defeat in Pennsylvania, producers of The Dr. Oz Show have been wary about bringing his acclaimed series back to television due to the awkward nature of addressing Oz's overnight transition from Michelle Obama's jump-rope partner to Donald Trump's political protégéeLuckily for fans of his original program, the doctor is coming back to daytime television in a brand-new way. Dr. Oz is set to host an upcoming syndicated talk show under a new moniker. From here on out, Mehmet Oz will be referred to as "Dr. Ozempic". Thanks to a deal that Oz made with Ozempic, he is able to adopt the name of the popular diabetes medication as his own as long as he promotes the drug during each episode of Dr. Ozempic's Corner. Each episode of Dr. Ozempic will feature an interview with a celebrity guest, tips about staying healthy, and multiple breaks to discuss the amazing health benefits that come with Ozempic injections. "Dr. Oz is changing his name to Dr. Ozempic, because he wants to make sure that viewers forget about his senate run," said an anonymous producer on Dr. Ozempic's Corner. "We want to erase that memory out of the minds of fans. We want to bring him back to a place where viewers know him as their helpful TV doctor who can show them what to eat and how to exercise. We are very grateful that Ozempic is partnering with us in our endeavor." Beginning in fall 2024, viewers will be able to catch episodes of Dr. Ozempic's Corner every weekday, so long as their market carries it.

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