Elon Musk to Purchase The CW, Rename Network ’The X’

In a major shakeup in the entertainment industry, Elon Musk is set to purchase the CW, following the entrepreneur's offer to purchase the TV network for a staggering $3 million dollars. Nexstar was unable to turn down such a massive offer for their struggling broadcast network that has recently struggled to find a single show to crack the 0.10 mark. Financial analysts have called the move one of the dumbest in business history, stating that Musk is massively overpaying for the network, which has been valued at roughly $27. Despite this, Musk is sticking to his guns and moving ahead with the move, and will take on a massive oversight role at the network, which he will be renaming "The X." Unlike when he controversially rebranded Twitter, this move has gained praise, with experts labeling the CW brand "financially toxic" and "worthless." In addition to serving as owner of the network, Musk will also serve as its head of programming, as well as a content creator. Musk is currently looking to develop some of his biggest successes from X (formerly Twitter) for the network. These will include a Tucker Carlson sitcom titled Tucker!, new risqué reality dating show My Nudes in Bio, a docuseries called Verified (which will center on the lives of various X Premium subscribers), and Bot Wars, a sci-fi drama about a team of investigators who seek to shut down the bot farms that litter the replies of viral X posts. A planned talk show hosted by Don Lemon has been shelved after poor reception to its pilot. Also in development, but not yet ordered to series, is a new live sketch comedy series starring Musk himself, a role he is familiar being in as a former host of SNL. Musk's acquisition is set to become final on May 32, with the full rebranded lineup expected to debut in time for the fall season.

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