An Interview With Only In Iola’s Shanalee Sharboneau

Only In Iola is an unscripted series premiering May 9 on Amazon Fire TV and Roku. It follows a family of three as they leave city life and settle into the small town of Iola, Texas. We’ve done an exclusive interview with the series’ co-star Shanalee Sharboneau, which can be read in full below. 

1. At what point did you decide your life was cut out for a television series?

The Producer of the show, Tammy Corwin with WMP TV Network, believed our story to be TV worthy going from big city living to country life.   After many requests from Mrs. Corwin challenging us to provide wholesome, family entertainment, we took on the challenge.  It's not that we decided our life was cut out for a television series; we more or less took on the challenge to provide entertainment the whole family can watch and enjoy while learning with us along the way.    


2. What is your favorite moment from the first season?

One of the favorite moments was filming Episode 3 - Thanks be to God, a Thanksgiving episode.  To have the people of Iola there, and our friends, participating in a true Thanksgiving, was not only a blessing, but was an incredible experience we will not forget in this lifetime.  


3. What sets Only In Iola apart from other unscripted series?

We strived with everything we had to create a real-reality show, meaning a show of authenticity and genuineness. We created an unscripted reality show as a real family finding and seeking the path back to what matters.  We wanted to put reality TV on its head, and create something in which we believe is a true reality of life and true happiness.  


4. How do you hope viewers will respond to Only In Iola?

We are hopeful that viewers sit down as a family to watch this show, and that each participant of the family finds something in which they can relate to, something that will make them laugh, something that will touch their heart.  

We created the show as our authentic selves, as a real family going through real things, and are hopeful viewers of the show see this authenticity and that it inspires them to find their true self and the lessons of changing their lives to seek what is most important.  The motto of the show is God. Family. Texas. No matter where someone lives, the first two still hold true whether as a mom, dad, daughter or son.  


5. Would you suggest binge-watching or viewing at a slower pace?

Each episode is going to be released weekly versus binge-watching.  We would suggest watching the show at a slower pace. We attempted to create the show to not only make you laugh, but to reflect and to think about what the family of the show learned on each particular episode, and how this may influence your life or improve your life for the better, without having to go through changing addresses in such a drastic fashion.    


6. Are you hoping to make a second season?

Due to the positive response to the show from test groups, we have already begun to create Season Two.

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