Rosie is Back! And The Conners Cancelled. But There Is a Catch

In May 2018, ABC cancelled Roseanne due to the title star went on a racist rant.  And following Roseanne Barr's firing and the controversial continuation via The Conners featuring the rest of the cast, fans have been polarized after the character Roseanne Conner was killed off.  ABC appears to have decided to change course and revive Roseanne, bringing the character back from the dead.  In order to facilitate this, The Conners is toast, ending in May.  And in its place, ABC shall revive Roseanne for an 11th season.

But there's a change coming.  Instead of Barr, another Rosie shall step into Rosie Conner's shoes.  Meet Rosie O'Donnell, who is recast in the role.  Joining O'Donnell is series alumni John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Alicia Goranson and Sandra Bernhard.  Notably absent is Sara Gilbert as showrunners are seeking to distinguish this reboot as Darlene and her family monopolized the majority of screen time on The Conners.

Playing into a familiar trope with the series, Roseanne Conner awakens from a terrible nightmare she's been dead for 6 years with hoards of irritating relatives invading her household.  Dan remarks "what's up with your voice?" to which she remarks "too many told me it sounds like nails on a chalkboard."  Roseanne elaborates after she passed, all the kids swarmed the house with chaos and Dan married Peg Bundy.  Dan corrects her and tells her after their financial troubles, their professor daughter, Becky, bought it and let them stay there.  They work at Jackie's restaurant, and all is well in Lanford.  

Are you excited for Roseanne's return?  It is moving home to its familiar timeslot at 8:00 on Tuesday, September 31.

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