Family Guy (Taylor’s Version) to be Recorded by Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is expanding (Taylor’s Version) past her own music. Fans have discovered through a series of cryptic messages that the megastar is set to re-record every episode of FOX’s hit animated series Family Guy. Keeping in line with the branding of her previous re-recordings, the series will be titled Family Guy (Taylor’s Version). Swift will have full ownership of all re-recorded episodes and provide voice acting for every character on every episode. 

The first season of Family Guy (Taylor’s Version) to be recorded will be Season 15 of the original series. This is the season containing an episode where Swift herself is a character. While the original show has been critical of the megastar at times, all signs point to Swift re-recording every episode with the script unaltered and with similar dialogue delivery and animation.

Additionally, there will be two episodes [From The Vault] of Family Guy (Taylor’s Version) in Season 15, making it a full 22-episode season. One of these episodes will reportedly be a condensed version of the finale, titled A House Full of Peters (10 Minute Version) [Taylor’s Version] [From The Vault]. The other will be a re-recording of the episode featuring her as a character, only with her having an increased presence. It will be titled Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date (feat. More Taylor Swift) [Taylor’s Version] [From The Vault].

Taylor Swift’s lucky number 13 has prompted a release scheduled for the 13th month of the year. It has not yet been revealed where Family Guy (Taylor’s Version) will air, or if it will be available exclusively through Swift’s own website. 

Will you still watch the original Family Guy once Family Guy (Taylor’s Version) is released? Let me know in the comments what you think of this fake news!

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