2021-22 Season-To-Date Report (9/1-9/17): Surprise. Football Hogs Large Ratings

Today marks the start of premiere week, but already the 2021-22 season has 50 shows which are on display during the season.  Football programming grabbed 6 of the top 7 shows (with a Football Inflated 60 Minutes sneaking a slot), all of which have solid ratings above the 1.5 mark.  Impressively, ABC grabbed two of those slots, having briefly reclaimed Monday Night Football.  ABC foolishly took their name out of the hat in 2006 and were outbid by ESPN, and since that period in time, seldom see their ratings move past 3rd Place among the big four networks.  NBC sits positioned in 1st like most seasons in the last 11 years due to NFL enabling them to push through to the front.  And with Superbowl LVI slated to air February 13, 2022, NBC is almost predestined for 1st place again for the season.  FOX will likely enjoy these surges early in the season with their animated sitcom but more than compensates with Thursday Night Football, The Masked Singer and strong dramas.

During the summer months, ABC and CBS swept the floor on the reality front with the success of Big Brother and The Bachelorette while NBC cleaned up with America's Got Talent.  FOX rated softer in the summer, but has the in-season performance to raise out of 4th place.  ABC will likely drop to 3rd or 4th Place in-season, depending on how CBS performs.  Enjoy premiere week, and having a short list of shows.  As 30+ shows will be added to this list in the next entry.


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