Our House Season 3 Episode 12 - Our Bensonhurst (Part 2)

Our House Season 3, Episode 12
Our Bensonhurst (Part 2)

Danielle, Teri, Betty and Karl walk down the stairs and take seats at Mary’s dining room table.

Janice: I’m sorry, guys. Mom only has six chairs at the table. I got some lawn chairs from the basement, I hope some of you are okay sitting in them.

Teri: I’m fine with it. I’m used to eating in uncomfortable places, this will actually be better than most.

Danielle: I’ll sit in the other one. Betty and Karl need the support of real chairs. I can afford to sit in one that sags to the ground. I’m young.

Alexa: Are you?

Danielle: Young enough that I can still kick you.

Alexa: Oh really?

Mary: Girls, stop!

Alexa: Yes, mother.

Janice: I didn’t know what food mom had, so I just made us chicken soup.

Danielle: I appreciate any meal. It’s been such a long day, a nice home-cooked meal is nice to have after all of that.

Janice: It’s no problem. Cooking relaxes me, you know that.

Betty: It relaxes me, too! I love cooking, especially for family.

Janice: Knowing that the people you love are enjoying the food you made, oh, it just brings me such joy.

Betty: I like you! You and I are so similar!

Janice: We should exchange some recipes!

Danielle: Where’s mom going to sit?

Alexa: We need to keep her ankle elevated. I’ll take her a bowl in one of those old soup mugs.

Danielle: Let me do it! I haven’t helped mom at all since I got here.

Alexa: You’ve only been here for an hour.

Danielle: Okay, you can take mom her food. 

Alexa walks the soup over to Mary.

Mary: Thank you, Alexa. You’ve been working so hard to help me these past two days. I’m so grateful for you.

Alexa: It’s my pleasure, mom. I love you.

Mary: You’re too sweet. You should give yourself a break tomorrow. Let Danielle do something.

Danielle: I tried to bring you soup, Alexa asked me to let her do it.

Mary: Oh, well. Tomorrow’s another day.

Alexa: Dani, you’re a big deal right now. First time home in, what, a year?

Danielle: Four and a half.

Alexa: What’s kept you so busy for so long? Janice lives even farther away and comes home at least twice a year.

Danielle: I don’t have the time to come up. I can’t afford to take any time off from my job.

Janice: Are you still working at the pharmacy?

Danielle: Just celebrated fifteen years back in October.

Teri: I remember it so well. Me and Danielle met on her first day there. I’d been there about four months. I hated it. No one was nice to me, the other girls gossiped about me behind my back. Probably because I’m so beautiful and have such fair skin while they looked like Anjelica Huston in The Witches. Danielle comes in and gets the job and she’s miserable. I asked her straight up: “what the hell is your problem?” Then she told me “I’m from Brooklyn. I like a broad who speaks her mind.” That was it. We’ve been best friends since then.

Janice: I never knew that!

Alexa: You didn’t know she was miserable? You weren’t thinking much about her, then.

Janice: Be nice! How often are we together?

Alexa: Not often. Thanks, Danielle.

Mary: Ouch! Oh my god, it burns!

Danielle: Mom, what’s wrong?

Mary: I spilled the soup on me! The mug was too full!

Danielle: Oh, Alexa. You can’t fill a mug that much!

Alexa: I… I was trying to give mom enough food. She needs sustenance.

Danielle: Now she’s on fire. I’m coming to help, mom!

Alexa: I don't know how, Danielle, but you did this. This is you.

Danielle: No, pretty sure it was you. You get all the credit for this one.

Two hours later…

Teri: It’s only eight thirty, but I’m exhausted. What a day.

Danielle: Yeah, so am I. Good thing we showered and unpacked already. I think I’m going to lay down.

Betty: Did someone say “lay down?”

Danielle: Yeah, we’re going to bed.

Betty: I’m always ready to turn in early!

Mary: Danielle, can I say something first?

Danielle: Are you going to read me a bedtime story?

Mary: No. All I want to do is thank you for helping me today when I spilled something on me. I’m not used to relying on others, so I didn’t thank you enough earlier. I appreciate what you and your sisters are doing for me. I know you don’t really have the time for this but you took time out of your schedule, anyway.

Danielle: If you need it, I always have time for you. I love ya, mom.

Mary: I’m tired, too. I think I’ll go to sleep soon. First, I want to see the end of To Tell the Truth.

Danielle: I’ll allow it.

Mary: Thank you. It’s gonna be a busy day tomorrow. Lots of sitting around and talking ahead of us!

Danielle: Can’t wait!

Danielle, Teri, Betty and Karl walk up to Danielle’s bedroom.

Karl: Danielle, are you sure you don’t want to sleep in your bed? It is yours, after all. I can sleep on the floor.

Danielle: Are you kidding? I can’t let you do that. I’m fine on the floor. The carpet’s cozy and I have a sleeping bag. You’re the guests.

Betty: I just want to say something.

Teri: Oh, here we go.

Betty: Karl snores at night. I hope you girls have earplugs.

Karl: I don’t snore!

Betty: I feel like I’m laying next to a hog sometimes! I can hear you right through my earplugs!

Karl: You’re the one who snores!

Betty: No!

Teri: Guys, guys. You both snore. A lot of people do. It’s okay. This is one of the most normal parts about you, mom.

Betty: You really think so?

Teri: Yes. I think you’re very weird.

Betty: That’s not what I meant!

Teri: It’s what I meant!

Danielle: I brought earplugs. I’m putting them in immediately.

Teri: I’d do the same if I were you. Sadly, I didn’t bring any earplugs. I will be stopping at Duane Reade tomorrow to rectify that.

Karl: I’m turning off the light, okay?

Danielle: Go ahead.

Betty: Wait! I need a light to sleep. Let me turn the TV on.

Teri: Mute it, please. I won’t be able to sleep if you have the volume at eighty-five like you always do.

Betty: I may be capable of that.

Karl: Okay, lights out, girls!

The next morning…

Teri: Mom! What are you doing?

Betty: Putting my makeup on!

Teri: It’s five thirty in the morning!

Betty: So? I wanna get it out of the way now.

Teri: You’re putting on your makeup in a hand mirror using only the light of a tiny desk lamp.

Betty: Yes?

Teri: No one else is awake. What are you going to do?

Betty: Y’all got enough sleep. Get up!

Teri: We’re on… not vacation, but we’re on a trip. Just let them sleep.

Karl: Is something wrong?

Teri: No, dad. Go back to sleep.

Betty: It’s time to wake up!

Teri: Wait, where’s Danielle?

Teri walks out of the bedroom and looks down the stairs to see Danielle in the kitchen.

Teri: Okay, I guess we are getting up. My bad!

Teri walks downstairs.

Danielle: You’re up?

Teri: Mom woke me up. I wasn’t planning to get up this early.

Danielle: You are now, it’s okay. You can have some tea with me while I wake myself up. I need to get energized before -

Mary: Is that you, Danielle?

Danielle: Did I wake you, mom? Sorry!

Mary: No, you didn’t wake me. My bladder did.

Danielle: Oh, you need to…

Mary: Yes.

Danielle: Do you need help?

Mary: Yes.

Danielle: Okay! Let’s go!

One hour later…

Janice: Wow, you guys are awake?

Danielle: I even made breakfast!

Janice: For all of us?

Danielle: For everyone who’s up. I didn’t want anyone’s food to get cold. What do you want to eat? Open to all requests!

Betty: She makes a heck of an Eggs Benedict.

Karl: The Eggs Florentine are also to die for.

Danielle: Don’t tell Karl, but that’s just iceberg lettuce, not spinach.

Janice: I’ll take it to my grave.

Karl: Danielle, I can hear you. Betty’s the one that can’t.

Danielle: Oh, you heard that?

Karl: I did. I don’t mind you swapping out the leafy greens, though. It still tastes good.

Danielle: So, what’ll it be?

Janice: First, as much as I enjoy cooking, a break is really nice. So thanks for making food. Second, I’ll take some pancakes if mom has them.

Danielle: She has one. One single pancake. I made the rest for her today.

Mary: And they’re so good!

Janice: Scrambled eggs, then.

Orville: I’ll have the same as Janice. It’s what we eat every morning together.

Teri: Well, it’s almost seven. I’m gonna make a quick trip to Duane Reade.

Mary: Duane Reade? We have a Walgreens right down the block.

Teri: I know, but we have Walgreens at home. No Duane Reade! I want to experience it!

Mary: Let me help you out here: it’s a pharmacy. Nothing special.

Teri: Okay, I’ll go to Walgreens. I better get walking.

Betty: Your father will go with you!

Karl: What? I will?

Betty: It’s a big city out there and you’re tiny. You shouldn’t be out there on your own.

Teri: I’m going. Alone. Bye, mom.

Betty: Take your phone!

Danielle: Where’s Alexa at? It’s getting a little late, isn’t it?

Janice: She didn’t go to bed at nine like the rest of us because she’s “from Greenwich” and “didn’t have a long ride her” and “wasn’t tired.” I’m sure she’ll be up soon.

Danielle: I hope so. I look forward to a full day of getting crap from her.

Twenty minutes later…

Teri: That Walgreens wasn’t open!

Mary: Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you it isn’t open until eight.

Betty: At least you’re safe! I was worried sick about you!

Teri: No, you weren’t. No reasonable person would be. Then again…

Mary: Look who finally woke up!

Danielle: A little late, ain’t it?

Alexa: What? It’s only seven o’clock in the morning. How is this late?

Danielle: We’ve all been up for an hour at least!

Alexa: You guys did go to bed before it was even dark. I, like a normal person who didn’t have to work the next day, stayed up until eleven.

Danielle: I guess when you put it that way, you didn’t get up that late. Still, I would like to know what you’d like for breakfast so I can clean up.

Alexa: I don't need anything.

Danielle: Come on, Alexa. I want to make you something! You’ve done a lot around her the past two days, it’s time for me to get to work.

Alexa: Okay. I’ll have an egg.

Danielle: One egg?

Alexa: I eat light.

Danielle: Okay, no judgment from me if that’s what you like. Tim, you?

Tim: Can you make a fruit parfait?

Danielle: Yes, I can make one.

Teri: Velma makes those every morning.

Tim: Who is Velma?

Danielle: Teri’s cousin Mitchell’s wife.

Alexa: So she lives with you, too?

Danielle: Yes. She’s very nice.

Mary: Who, in all, lives with you guys?

Danielle: Oh… a lot of people. It’s me, Teri, Betty and Karl.

Mary: Who’s Karl again?

Karl: Uh… me. I’m Karl.

Mary: Oh, right! I thought your name was Ken for some reason.

Karl: It’s closer than Lorenzo, that’s something.

Danielle: There’s also Cindy’s sister Cindy and brother-in-law Jerry. They’re, like, super religious but they’re nice about it. Usually. Just don’t say “hell” around them.

Mary: What the hell?

Danielle: There’s also Teri’s niece Tammi and Tammi’s husband Frank -

Betty: Ugh.

Mary: Not a Frank fan?

Teri: It would make a lot of sense to you if you met him.

Mary: I’m sure to would.

Danielle: Tammi and Frank have a son named Steven. He’s named after Steven Tyler, because, why not?

Janice: I like Aerosmith. Panama is my jam.

Teri: That’s Def Leppard.

Danielle: What? No, that’s Van Halen.

Teri: Whatever, Danielle. So you know classic rock better than me. Congrats.

Danielle: Teri’s nephew Zeke also lives with us sometimes, though he also lives with our neighbor sometimes. She’s his girlfriend. Oh, and also Teri’s brother, Ralph. That’s everyone!

Alexa: I already forget everyone.

Two days later…

Mary: You know, Danielle? I’ve really enjoyed having you around here these past few days.

Janice: Me, too. You’ve lightened the work load a lot! Orville and I have been able to talk to each other more in these three days than any other time when we’re at home.

Orville: We’ve done more than talking, if you know what I mean.

Danielle: Oh… didn’t need to know that.

Janice: He means we’ve been binging You on Netflix.

Danielle: Thank god.

Alexa: I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but it’s been very nice having you around. The first day, even though I hid it so well, I actually was not excited to see you.

Danielle: Oh, Alexa. You aren’t that good of an actress.

Alexa: Are you saying you could tell?

Danielle: Obviously. That’s in the past, though.

Janice: Two whole days in the past!

Alexa: Shut up, Janice.

Janice: Point taken.

Alexa: What I’m trying to say is that I’m so happy you came back. When your family needed you, you were there for us.

Janice: You’ve cooked us food for three days straight! I feel like I have a personal chef!

Danielle: I’ve been absent from this family for too long. It’s only right that I do something to try to make things right.

Mary: You’ve gone above and beyond with helping me. I’m already feeling better.

Danielle: I think that’s just because of the medication.

Mary: It’s because of the love!

Betty: You sound like me!

Alexa: I missed you a lot more than I though I did! I can’t believe we only have two more days together.

Danielle: I wish I could have more time here, too. Unfortunately, I have a job and I have to go back to it. I only have so many vacation days, you know? I will call you all more often, though. I’ll even try to get back home every couple months for a long weekend.

Janice: What about coming to Georgia?

Danielle: I may even do that! Or we can Zoom, that also works!

Janice: You’re coming to Georgia.

Danielle: Yeah, I know.

Mary: You don't have to leave!

Danielle: That’s what my heart tries to tell me, too. My brain knows better.

Mary: You can stay here!

Danielle: I really can not.

Mary: You can get a job at Walgreens!

Teri: Speaking of which… I still need to get my earplugs!

Betty: Teri, shh!

Mary: They’re hiring! You can live here.

Danielle: Mom, I love you so much, and I’ve loved being home so much. But my life is in Virginia now. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love this family, but I still have one in Virginia, and a whole life down there. I can’t upend it.

Mary: I figured it was a long shot. Worth a shot! Speaking of which, I think the wine I drank is catching up with me. I have to use the ladies room.

Danielle: Guess I’ll help with that!

Mary: You’re a doll!

Two days later…

Danielle: Is that everything?

Karl: Betty, you got all of your souvenirs?

Betty: Yes. I didn’t get that many.

Teri: I have never seen anyone buy so many snow globes. Or buy so many “I heart New York” shirts just so you can wrap those snow globes.

Betty: I collect snow globes. Kill me!

Teri: That’s the thing. You do not do that. Not ever.

Danielle: It’s really time to go?

Karl: It’s time! If we leave now, we can be home by eight.

Alexa: Don’t go! I need my sister!

Danielle: Alexa! Come on.

Alexa: What?

Danielle: You’re Mrs. Tim Butler! You have someone who loves you so much and a community to go back to in Connecticut. You’ll be okay not seeing me every day. I can use a phone. Plus, you got mom for the next month or so.

Alexa starts sobbing.

Janice: It was nice reconnecting, little sis. Remember -

Danielle: I’m going to start planning my trip to Georgia right when I get home!

Janice: Okay, good. Now, remember. I won’t be home for another week so you can’t come for at least that long.

Danielle: I think I can make that work.

Janice: Okay, good. I love you.

Danielle: I love you, too. Speaking of people I love… mom!

Mary: What, Danielle?

Danielle: You feel better. I’ll call when we get home.

Mary: If it’s after eight, I might not answer. I’ll be watching American Idol.

Danielle: Okay. That’s good.

Mary: Be safe. Come home soon.

Danielle: I will. Bye, mom. I love you more than words can say, even if I don’t always show it.

Mary: Wait! I want you to have something.

Mary hands Danielle a necklace.

Danielle: Is that grandma’s necklace?

Mary: Goodness, no. This is a necklace you gave me the year that you moved from home. I wore it almost every day  so I’d always have a piece of you with me. I want you to have it so you have a piece of me. 

Danielle: That’s so sweet. I’ll treasure it.

Teri: Danielle! Let’s go! We need to beat the traffic!

Danielle: Okay, gotta go! Love you all!

Janice: So, who’s up for some bridge?

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