Find The Answer Season 1 Episode 6


The answers to these questions can be found in articles published on The TV Ratings Guide from Thursday, February 4 through Tuesday, February 10. When you find the answers, submit the form below!

1. Which HBO Max show was recently renewed, giving The TV Ratings Guide a correct prediction?

-Search Party
-Infinity Train
-Looney Tunes Cartoons
-Esme & Roy

2. On Our House Season 3 Episode 19, who was revealed to be the President when Betty was born?

-Harry Truman
-Dwight Eisenhower
-Ronald Reagan
-Barack Obama

3. Which streaming service does CBS Renew/Cancel February 4-5, 2021 mention?

-Paramount Plus

4. In College Season 3 Episode 14, who is thought to be the “seventh wheel?”


5. According to our Sunday TV Ratings 2/7/21 analysis, what was the retention of The Equalizer from its lead-in?



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