CBS Renew/Cancel February 4-5, 2021 -- Young Sheldon is the Strongest Show CBS Offers Paramount Plus

 Is anyone aware Paramount Plus is launching March 4?  If this development was lost on viewers, CBS' broadcast of Superbowl LX made sure viewers knew their ailing CBS All Access streaming service is updating to include more viacom content produced by Paramount.  This means the same service a few paid to see CBS programs ups the ante and allows its viewers to enjoy original series originating on cable such as SpongeBob, Younger and even Jersey Shore (groan).  Perhaps this is wise as CBS has lacked buzzworthy shows for some time.  When CBS All Access launched a few short years ago, their drawing attention came from The Big Bang Theory and continuing series The Good Fight.  It seemed an intriguing premise until TBBT ended in 2019.  

Beyond that legacy, CBS had Young Sheldon drawing buzz and, that was it.  If CBS were ever foolish to axe the critical darling, they may as well forfeit their stake and hand their series out for free like NBC does for its series via Peacock.  CBS would not dare cancel Young Sheldon for this reason as its fellow Chuck Lorre sitcom Mom is fast hemorrhaging buzzworthy power in its 8th season.  The Neighborhood is gaining traction.  But beyond that, Young Sheldon remains CBS' most recognizable icon in original programming to offer Paramount Plus viewers.

Curious how much it costs?  Paramount Plus is a hair under Hulu, offering services at $5.99/month for limited commercials and $9.99/month to skip advertisements.  Competitive indeed, and lest pray they forego irritating Geico/insurance commercials and future political ads strewn everywhere like dogshit like viewers were exposed to in 2020.  Of all of the unholy atrocities people experienced that year, both of the mentioned were possibly the worst.

What does it tell a show when a broadcast network takes most of the week off and leaves them buried behind repeats?  The Unicorn ought to realize they are on borrowed time and hopefully finish on a high note, dig a grave or pick out another means for their final resting place.  That is all that really needs to be discussed on Renew/Cancel discussions this week.  So here was the scant breakdown on original series broadcast this week:

Thursday, February 4 :The Unicorn (0.42) gained a half of a tenth.  Too little, too late.

Friday, February 5: Some shed old clothes to donations or damaged hair for a fresh new cut.  Friday's lineup appeared to do the same as MacGyver (0.52) shed a half of a tenth, Magnum PI (0.51) dropped 0.09 and Blue Bloods (0.49) lost 0.06.

Keep an eye out next week as new dramas Equalizer and Clarice make their debuts.  As well as expect a full deck of original programming after CBS plugged ample promotion for these series in this week's underwhelming Superbowl LX which the Kansas City Chefs better go back to Snickers commercials for promotion after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tackled them into the Gulf of Mexico.

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