2020-21 Sitcom Scorecard (2/8-2/11) -- CBS Stands Strongest in the Sitcom Front Thanks to Superbowl Ads

The distribution of wealth was uneven with CBS taking the largest gains due to ample advertisements during the week's Superbowl party.  The largest of these gains went to Mom which bounced back after a massive battering on January 28.  Could it be the ads, or the fact that the writing fired on all cylinders in a motorhome excursion?  Be the judge as here is the play by play for the week:

Monday, February 8: A few extra ads helped power up CBS overall, but do their sitcoms need much help?  The Neighborhood (0.99) and Bobishola (0.80) reigned in strong as usual.

Tuesday, February 9: It is okay to admit one is not a self-starter.  While their ultra-compatible lead-in To Tell The Truth bounced back, Blackish (0.46) shed half a tenth and Mixedish (0.43) dropped 0.04.  Extra consideration is given to This Is Us returned adjacent so scheduling is difficult against the strong.

Wednesday, February 10: ABC tested the true weight of their shows as The Goldbergs (0.62) gained back a half a tenth followed by American Housewife (0.51) gaining back 0.06.  The windfalls did not hit the 9:00 hour after The Conners repeated and Call Your Mother (0.32) lost a half a tenth.

Thursday, February 11: Did someone say more commercials?  CBS' plugging of ads during Superbowl LV worked  in favor of their Thursday comedies as Young Sheldon (0.87) powered up 0.06, B-Positive (0.68) set a series high after regaining 0.02, Mom (0.73) not only set a seasonal high but was the week's largest gainer with 0.15, and even failing Unicorn (0.55) experienced this halo and gained 0.13.  The last mention should thank Allison Janney for parading around in nothing but a sheet during the episode as evidently these ratings spilled into their show.  Upticks also hit FOX as Call Me Kat (0.52) regained half a tenth and Last Man Standing (0.41) bounced back from their series low with a 0.04 gain.  NBC did not enjoy the other networks' gains as Mr. Mayor (0.46) dropped a half a tenth and outgoing Superstore (0.39) registered a series low after losing 0.07.  

Next week's entry adds two more entries into the chart, tipping the scales in favor of NBC as Young Rock and Kenan enter the stables full of surprises.  So how is CBS holding a strong lineup together?  Despite unilateral losses, they have located 5 successful players and seem somewhat committed to variety.  The Monday players perform strong, and the majority of its Thursday lineup demonstrates comebacks even without something as glorious as a Superbowl.  Many of their procedurals are tired so CBS investing in sitcom growth is wise.  Mom's windfall shows the series still has the power to continue if it does so.  Cueing Allison Janney to please continue the riproar of magic that is Bonnie Plunkett.

Little can be said about FOX this week as Sundays are dormant but Call Me Kat has delivered surprisingly sturdy.  It has made a steady descent down the charts since its falsely inflated premiere but demonstrates FOX is committed to live shows.  NBC experienced another saddening setback as it announced the troubled 8th season of Brooklyn 99 shall be its last.  This added salt into the wound with Superstore also bowing out and the future of Thursday comedies questionable.  However, stay tuned next week as the grieved losses opened the door for something wonderful to take hold.

As for ABC, the numbers show some saddening trends coming their way.  They would often sit firmly in 2nd place with their comedies but they need to shake things up again.  If The Goldbergs ends this year, what will remain?

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