Marietta Season 3 Episode 17 - We Had It All

Marietta Season 3 Episode 17
We Had It All

Marietta is sitting in her office when someone walks in.

Marietta: Tammy, please knock before you just walk into my office.

Danny: Not Tammy!

Marietta: Ah!

Danny: You look like you just saw a ghost!

Marietta: I’m not entirely convinced you aren’t a ghost!

Tammy: I tried to stop him, Marietta! He just walked past me.

Amy: Don’t listen to Tammy. I tried to stop him. She just sat there tell me to stop him.

Marietta: You two can both go and close the door behind you. I’d like to yell at my ex-husband in private.

Amy: Okay, sorry.

Tammy and Amy leave.

Marietta: What the hell are you doing here?

Danny: I have something to ask you.

Marietta: No, you can’t have my mom’s recipe for shrimp gumbo.

Danny: That’s not it. I would’ve gone to Patty Lynn herself for that..

Marietta: What else could you possibly have to ask me?

Danny: One of my friends was at the Port Lounge a few weeks back.

Marietta: Yes, and? You want an opinion on the beef bourguignon?

Danny: Why do you keeping thinking that I’m here about food?

Marietta: Because I’m hungry, okay. It’s almost lunch time.

Danny: Anyway, I don’t care about the food. My friend told me you were on a date. Are you dating someone now?

Marietta: He was a total weirdo. It didn’t work out at all. Not that that’s any of your business.

Danny: When I heard that, it made me feel something entirely unexpected.

Marietta: This should be good.

Danny: I felt sad.

Marietta: Trust me, after that date, I also felt sad.

Danny: I felt sad because knowing you were on a date, it made me think that I didn’t have a chance to ever fix things between us and get back together.

Marietta: Well, you thought right.

Danny: I didn’t even know I felt this way anymore. I thought I had finally gotten over it. 

Marietta: Look, I’m a hard drug to get clean from. I’m addictive. I cast a spell on so many people. I still talk to colleagues that I haven’t worked with for twenty years. I’m lovable.

Danny: Marietta, what I’m trying to say is that I’m still in love with you.

Marietta: Huh. That’s interesting.

Danny: That’s all you have to say?

Marietta: It is interesting. What more were you looking for here?

Danny: Any response whatsoever.

Marietta: I guess you should be glad you got one, in that case.

Danny: Are you really going to say nothing?

Marietta: The silence should speak volumes, Danny.

Danny: I think what we have is worth giving another shot. I want to get back together.

Marietta: You have always been so funny.

Danny: My god, Marietta! I’m being serious!

Marietta: Wait… this isn’t a bit? Tammy and Amy didn’t put you up to this?

Danny: Of course not! I want to try again. I want to be together again.

Marietta: We just got divorced. Why didn’t you bring any of this up before we went through with that?

Danny: I did!

Marietta: No, you did not.

Danny: We were talking on the phone the week before it was being finalized. You were in Pennsylvania campaigning for Tammy Koobach.

Marietta: Don’t say that name to me. I’m still too fragile.

Danny: I said I didn’t want to go through with it.

Marietta: You said that was a joke!

Danny: No, you said you thought it was a joke. I just felt so awkward after you said that, I didn’t bring it up again.

Marietta: So you had reservations about getting divorced before we actually got divorced, but didn’t bring it up until months after it was finalized?

Danny: I never wanted to get divorced. That was you.

Marietta: That is true.

Danny: So, what do you say?

Marietta: I say it’s been a nice visit. I have to get back to work.

Danny: That’s it?

Marietta: I’ll talk to you later.

Danny: Later?

Marietta: I have to work now, and then I have some thinking to do, and then I will call you. Got it?

Danny: Got it.

Marietta: Time to go now.

Danny: All right. Talk to you later.

Danny opens the door to Marietta’s office and hits Amy in the head.

Danny: Oh my god, I’m so sorry!

Tammy: Don’t feel sorry for her. She was eavesdropping.

Amy: Tammy! Don’t tell them!

Marietta: I expected it from you.

Amy: Tammy was also eavesdropping!

Danny: I’m gonna go…

Marietta: I have to go find some ice for Amy before she ends up with lump on her head.

Amy: I’m fine! It barely hit me.

Marietta: Thank god! Now I won’t feel so bad about this!

Marietta hits Amy and Tammy.

Tammy: What was that for?

Marietta: Why were you two listening to us? It could’ve been personal!

Tammy: Amy can’t help herself.

Amy: You’re the one who told me to do it!

Tammy: Yeah, I was.

Amy: We didn’t actually hear anything. Your door is actually very thick.

Marietta: I know. That’s why I’m worried that you’ve got a traumatic brain injury or something.

Amy: I’m fine! I just need to sit down for a minute.

Tammy: I know you’re dying to tell us. What did Danny have to say?

Marietta: I actually was not dying to tell you.

Tammy: Sure.

Marietta: All right, fine. I need to tell you guys.

Tammy: Knew it!

Marietta: Danny said he’s still in love with me and he wants to get back together.

Amy: Holy sh-

Tammy: He said WHAT?

Marietta: I thought he was joking at first. Then I realized he was serious and I got mad at him for bringing it up after the divorce was already finalized. Then he reminded me that he did actually bring it up before the finalization.

Tammy: What did you say back to him?

Marietta: I told him I had to get back to work.

Tammy: Oof.

Marietta: Yeah, oof. I also told him I’d call him back later to let him know what I think.

Amy: Why’d you do that? You know you won’t be able to decide how you feel for at least a few days. You’re you!

Marietta: Yeah, I know.

Amy: Do you know how you’re leaning? Are you even slightly interested in getting back together?

Marietta: I don’t know! I still care about him, but I don’t know if it’s in that way. We were together so long, of course I’d still care, but it could just by in a friendly way.

Tammy: We can talk about this over lunch, right? I’m starving!

Marietta: I’m also starving. For some reason, I’m craving gumbo.

Tammy: Then we’re getting gumbo.

Five hours later, at Patty Lynn and Martin’s…

Patty Lynn: Good lord are you late today!

Marietta: I’m sorry, I got caught up at work.

Patty Lynn: You were gossiping with Tammy and Amy?

Marietta: No! Maybe.

Kathleen: What were you talking about? I love drama.

Patty Lynn: We know.

Marietta: Is everyone in the room?

Martin: Sarah’s in her room doing homework.

Sarah: What? No I’m not.

Martin: Okay, so we’re all here.

Marietta: Danny came to see me today.

Patty Lynn: Oooooooooooh…

Marietta: Yeah. He dropped a bombshell.

Patty Lynn: He’s gay! Oh, honey, I knew you weren’t the one who broke it off. You didn’t have to lie to us.

Marietta: What? He isn’t gay! Obviously it would be okay if he was, but he’s not.

Kathleen: Good save.

Marietta: He still loves me.

Patty Lynn: Of course he still loves you! You’re a beautiful flower who improves the lives of everyone she meets. We all love you.

Marietta: Mom, I’m serious. He wants to get back together. Apparently I’m so irresistible that after only three and a half months of divorce, he wants me back.

Sarah: You’re getting back together with Uncle Danny?

Marietta: I have no idea. I know I still love him, but -

Patty Lynn: You do?

Marietta: Not like that! At least, I don’t know if I love him like that. We got divorced for a reason.

Patty Lynn: What reason was that exactly?

Marietta: We were not clicking together anymore. If he wants to try to make it work, though, he might actually put the work in this time.

Sarah: Love shouldn’t be about work. It should be effortless.

Kathleen: Oh, you sweet summer child.

Sarah: What did I say?

Kathleen: You’re just so pure. You’re fifteen, you don't know anything about love aside from what you learned on Bridgerton.

Marietta: Who let her watch Bridgerton?

Patty Lynn: Martin.

Martin: No! It was you!

Marietta: Okay, I didn’t come here to talk about Bridgerton.

Sarah: That’s right. You came here to pick me up! Can we go home?

Marietta: No. I’m calling your father to get advice from him.

Sarah: Then we can go home?

Marietta: Yes, then we can go home.

Sarah: Good, because I’m starving and you said we could get pizza tonight.

Marietta: I don’t think I did.

Sarah: You did.

Marietta: Then we’ll get pizza, I guess.

Sarah: You didn’t, actually. I’m just messing with you. I do want it, though.

Marietta: You brat!

Patty Lynn: We should all vote on whether you should get back together with Danny!

Kathleen: I vote yes!

Marietta: What? This isn’t a democracy!

Patty Lynn: You asked for advice.

Marietta: Yes, advice. Not for you to tell me what to do. Though, I don’t know why I even ask y’all for advice because it always goes badly.

Patty Lynn: When has it ever gone badly?

Kathleen: Sit this one out, Patty Lynn.

Marietta calls Milton and he picks up.

Milton: Hello, Marietta.

Marietta: Milton! Lovely to speak to you today!

Milton: What did Sarah do now?

Sarah: Nothing! I did nothing!

Marietta: This is about me, actually.

Milton: What’s up with you?

Kathleen: Danny wants to get back together!

Milton: He what?

Kathleen: That’s what we said!

Milton: No, really. He what? You cut out for a minute.

Kathleen: Danny wan-

Marietta: It isn’t Aunt Kathleen’s place to say. Is it, Aunt Kathleen?

Kathleen: No…

Marietta: I’d expect this from mom, but not from you.

Patty Lynn: Hey!

Martin: You know it’s true, Patty Lynn.

Patty Lynn: I know. That doesn’t mean I like hearing it!

Marietta: Milton, Danny told me today that he’s still in love with me and that we wants to get back together.

Ellie: Oh, my god! He did not!

Kate: Ellie, shh!

Marietta: You didn’t tell me that Kate and Ellie were with you!

Milton: You didn’t ask.

Marietta: Why would I ask?

Milton: I don’t know, but let’s get back to Danny. He really said that?

Marietta: Yes, and I have no idea what to do.

Milton: Do you want my thoughts?

Marietta: That’s why I called.

Patty Lynn: Tell her to go for it!

Marietta: Shut up, mom!

Milton: I don’t think you should go for it, unless you want to.

Marietta: What the hell does that mean?

Milton: You seem really happy now. Happier than when you were married. If you think that’s because you’re finally single and free from marriage, I think you should just say no. It’s not worth risking your happiness.

Marietta: I-

Kate: I understand Milton’s point, but at the same time, maybe it’s worth a risk. You still care for Danny, right?

Marietta: Do I care if he lives or dies? Yes. Do I care to be romantically involved with him again? I don’t know.

Kate: You don’t know?

Ellie: That’s what she said. Do you need your ears checked?

Kate: If you don’t know, maybe it’s worth a try. One date.

Marietta: I don’t want to play with his heart and hurt him.

Patty Lynn: Why not? He hurt you!

Marietta: I’m not like that.

Kate: My advice is just what I said. Give him one date. See how you feel. Don’t open yourself up to feeling regret down the line.

Marietta: That’s good advice. You’re the only one with good advice.

Ellie: I didn’t get to give any advice!

Milton: My advice was good!

Kathleen: It was better than putting it to a vote like Patty Lynn said.

Patty Lynn: You were on board with that!

Kathleen: Shh! Don’t tell Kate and Ellie. I’m trying to impress them.

Martin: Too late for that. They know you too well.

Kathleen: Wow. Too far.

Marietta: I’m gonna get going, guys. This kid is about to kill me.

Sarah: I would never! Not by choice. If I’m forced to, maybe.

Milton: Bye! Good luck with whatever you do!

Forty minute later, outside Marietta’s house…

Marietta: Go inside with your pizza, Sarah. Save me a few slices.

Sarah: Do I look like the type to eat an entire pizza?

Marietta: No, not really. I just have to be safe. I’ll be in in ten minutes.

Sarah: I’ll be done with my first slice around then.

Marietta: Okay. See you then!

Sarah gets out of the car and Marietta calls Danny.

Danny: Marietta! It’s great to hear from you.

Marietta: I have made my decision.

Danny: I feel like I’m on The Bachelorette.

Marietta: Well, I’m quite a catch. You might as well be.

Danny: You are a catch, I agree.

Marietta: One.

Danny: One what?

Marietta: One date. I will give you one date.

Danny: Oh, wow. I can’t lie, I’m a little surprised.

Marietta: Yeah, so am I. A good friend told me to go for it, though.

Danny: May I ask who?

Marietta: No.

Danny: Worth a try. So, when do you want to go on our date?

Marietta: Friday sound good? You know Saturday’s out.

Danny: It sounds great!

Marietta: Okay, I better get into the house before this kid comes out yelling at me.

Danny: Kyle’s there? How’s Katharine?

Marietta: Kyle? No.

Danny: Did you have another child in the past few months?

Marietta: Long story.

Danny: Can you give a short version really quickly?

Marietta: I’ll tell you on Friday!

Friday night outside Patty Lynn and Martin’s, after the date…

Marietta: I had a nice time, Danny. It was nice to catch up.

Danny: I’ll call you.

Marietta: I said one date. Now, good night.

Marietta opens the door and walks into the house.

Patty Lynn: What’re you doing, walking into my house unannounced?

Marietta: Sorry, mom. I forgot to knock.

Sarah: Oooh, auntie’s getting in trouble!

Patty Lynn: I’m just messing with ya! Still, I must ask this question for me to truly forgive you.

Marietta: Fire away.

Patty Lynn: How did it go?

Marietta: It was nice.

Kathleen: What’s nice to you?

Marietta: My god, where did you come from?

Martin: She has a tendency to sneak up on people. She’s like a ninja.

Marietta: We had a nice time.

Sarah: Oh my god, I’m getting a dad.

Marietta: You have a dad. He’s my br- never mind, that doesn’t sound right. You have a father, you know that. I’m also not your mother.

Sarah: Close enough.

Marietta: We laughed, we reminisced, we had some wonderful food.

Patty Lynn: Not better than mine.

Marietta: Anyway, we had a nice time, things were like they were many years ago. IT was a really fun night. I’m gonna call him again, I think we’ll go on another date.

Kathleen: Another date!

Patty Lynn (singing): Going to the chapel and they’re, gonna get ma-a-a-ried

Marietta: Stop that! It’s one date, now two if he agrees. It’s going slow. Don’t you dare, for even one second, even think of telling my son.

Patty Lynn: Will do.

Marietta: Will not do!

Patty Lynn: Right, I won’t tell him.

Marietta: Okay, Sarah. It’s late, let’s get home.

Sarah: Tell us more about my new dad first!

Marietta: You little…

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