Marietta Season 3 Episode 16 - The Courtship of Sarah’s Father

Marietta Season 3 Episode 16
The Courtship of Sarah's Father

Patty Lynn: It’s a big day, everyone!

Marietta: Oh, my god. You’re finally checking into the mental ward?

Martin: Be nice to your mother.

Marietta: I am nice. I want her to get the help she needs.

Tammy: You should probably cool it in front of the children. Set a good example.

Marietta: Milton isn’t here yet!

Tammy: I mean Sarah. Henrietta, too, I guess.

Henrietta: I’m nineteen years old and a mother. I don’t think I’d call myself a child.

Marietta: Everyone younger than fifty is a child to Tammy.

Patty Lynn: Does no one care why today is such a big deal?

Kathleen: Milton’s bringing a girl home!

Sarah: Ew!

Marietta: That’s funny, Kathleen.

Kathleen: It’s true.

Patty Lynn: Kathleen stole my thunder, but yes, Milton is dating someone and she’s coming for dinner tonight!

Marietta: You’re serious?

Patty Lynn: When am I ever not serious?

Marietta: When are you?

Kathleen: You opened yourself up for that one.

Patty Lynn: I was as shocked to learn it as all of you.

Eliza: Marietta is hyperventilating, there’s no way you were that shocked.

Martin: You should’ve seen Patty Lynn earlier today.

Patty Lynn: My baby boy has been single for his entire life. I’ve only met two of his girlfriends  ever and they ended up breaking up right after we met. His longest relationship was about a two months.

Marietta: I wonder why.

Kathleen: You also opened yourself up for that one.

Elena: Has Milton ever spoken about this new girlfriend before?

Patty Lynn: No! That’s why it’s so shocking. He never hides anything from me.

Sarah: Think of me, grams. He’s my dad and I never knew he was dating anyone! I’m glad I didn’t know, because it’s disgusting, but that doesn't mean I’m not shocked. Now, I’m gonna go to my room and listen to music so I don’t have to hear any discussion of my father in the kissy-kissy terms.

Amy: You know, for a fifteen year-old, Sarah’s doesn’t seem very knowledgeable about romance and relationships.

Eliza: Speaking from experience… good!

Henrietta: What does that mean?

Eliza: Honey, I love Charlotte dearly, but, uh, good. Good for Sarah.

Sarah: I know about sex, Amy.

Patty Lynn: I never needed to hear that sentence out of my sweet granddaughter’s mouth.

Marietta: Today has been a day of historic firsts. None of them good.

Martin: I wonder where your brother is.

Tammy: Probably picking up his girlfriend.

Marietta: That word combining with Milton will never sound right. Not ever.

There is a knock at the door.

Martin: Speak of the devil! I’ll let him in.

Marietta: I wonder what this girlfriend looks like. I bet she’s -

Martin opens the door.

Marietta: Councilor Donnelly! What are your doing here?

Amy: Oh, I see what’s going on here!

Tammy: What exactly is that?

Amy: Moira is… you know.

Tammy: At the door?

Milton: Mom, dad. Meet my girlfriend, Moira Donnelly.

Marietta: I need to sit down.

Patty Lynn: It’s lovely to meet again, Ms. Donnelly. I’ve always enjoyed bumping into each other around town.

Moira: You can call me Moira, Mrs. Landfield.

Patty Lynn: You can call me Patty Lynn.

Milton: You’re like family already!

Martin: Welcome to our home, Moira. I’m Martin, Milton’s dad. We haven’t been around each other as much as you’ve been around my wife. I think we’ve only bumped into each other a few times.

Moira: I hope we get to know each other better!

Kathleen: I’m Milton’s aunt Kathleen. It can be argued that I’m the most important woman in Milton’s life.

Marietta: No, it can not be.

Moira: It’s nice to meet you, Aunt Kathleen.

Milton: This is taking a while, let’s just speed through everyone else. You know Marietta -

Marietta: Oh boy does she!

Milton: You know Tammy, and Amy.

Amy: Thirteen years together on the council!

Moira: Every day was a blessing.

Milton: You don’t have to lie, it’s Amy we’re talking about.

Moira: Oh, stop. I love Amy.

Amy: You hear that, you guys? The star of the evening loves me!

Milton: This is my cousin Eliza -

Eliza: I would love your endorsement.

Moira: What are you running for?

Eliza: State house!

Elena: State senate, honey.

Eliza: State senate!

Moira: I’m sure you carry on the Landfield family brand of excellency. I’ll gladly endorse you.

Milton: By the way, this is her wife Elena and daughter Henrietta.

Henrietta: Just because some of our recent guests seem to have a problem with it, I’m just telling you in advance that I’m a mother. My daughter Charlotte is feeling under-the-weather right now, though, so my husband Mason is home with her. I hope that doesn’t make you feel weird.

Moira: Weird? No, it’s your life to live. You seem like a nice young woman, and that’s all I care about.

Henrietta: I like her, Milton. She’s a keeper! Much nicer than those weirdos that Marietta invited a few weeks ago.

Milton: I agree!

Moira: Aww.

Marietta: I’m sorry about those two coming a few weeks back, Henrietta. If it makes you feel any better, I also hated them.

Moira: Who are they talking about?

Milton: You don’t want to know.

Mitch: I know I’m a big celebrity that needs to introduction, but I’d like to introduce myself anyway. Hello, Ms. Donnelly, I’m Mitch Yarborough.

Tammy: Leave it to Mitch to make a spectacle of himself on Milton’s big day!

Moira: It’s nice to meet you, Mr. President. I didn’t realize you were in town!

Tammy: That’s a shock. He tries to tell everybody. Everybody.

Milton: So, that’s everyone!

Marietta: Milton…

Milton: Yes?

Marietta: Aren’t you forgetting someone?

Milton: Where is my daughter?

Marietta: At least he remembered her.

Milton: Sarah, come out here!

Martin: I’ll go find her.

Kathleen: I’m coming with. Mainly because her room is in the same direction as the bathroom and I just drank a whole cup of tea.

Martin and Kathleen walk to Sarah’s room.

Martin: Sarah, your father’s here.

Sarah: Did he remember I exist?

Kathleen: Well, not at fi-

Martin: Yes, he did.

Sarah: That’s a switch.

Kathleen: Honey, are you okay? You seem bummed.

Sarah: I’m not happy. Not because dad is dating someone, because he didn’t tell me.

Kathleen: Let me tell you a secret. Your grandpa can hear it, too, I guess. You’ll keep my secret, right, Martin?

Martin: I’ll guard it with my life.

Kathleen: Okay, Sarah. Here it goes. In 1994, my mom died. It was sudden, it was surprising, I was gutted. Mom and pop were living in San Diego at the time and I hadn’t seen them in about a year because I was living in Arkansas at the time and had my own things that kept me busy. I was gutted, and I was scared. Pop moved back to New Orleans to be with my brother Marvin.

Martin: I’m still pretty sure that that’s why Marvin moved to Massachusetts.

Kathleen: Certain of it. Anyway, pop moves home, and in March, not even a year after mom died, pop started seeing another woman. I tried to hide it when I talked to him, but I was upset with him. It was, in my eyes, a betrayal to my mom. I was bitter about it for months. In December, he died. I spent the last years of his life being bitter and angry and it was all for nothing.

Sarah: So, you’re saying I shouldn’t get upset that dad kept this from me?

Kathleen: No. I’m saying that it’s valid to be upset, but it’s more important to have an open mind and not be angry. You never know how much time you got. Talk to your dad, tell him why you’re upset, and you might feel better.

Sarah: Can you tell him to come in here?

Kathleen: I’m a good aunt, so yes.

Martin: Do you need anything from me?

Sarah: Could you ask grandma when dinner will be ready?

Martin: I can do that!

Martin and Kathleen walk out of Sarah’s room and back to the living room.

Kathleen: Milton, your daughter would like to speak with you in her room.

Martin: Also, Patty Lynn, how long until dinner?

Patty Lynn: Ten minutes!

Milton: Is she upset?

Kathleen: Just talk to her. It’ll help clear everything up.

Milton: Don’t forget to tell her when dinner will be ready!

Milton walks to Sarah’s room.

Milton: Okay, Sarah. First, your grandmother says dinner will be ready in ten minutes.

Sarah: Gramps remembered!

Milton: He did! Aunt Kathleen also talked to me. She didn’t say much, just that you wanted to talk. So here I am! What’s going on?

Sarah: I feel confused and a little blindsided.

Milton: About Moira?

Sarah: Is that her name?

Milton: Yes, that’s her name.

Sarah: Why didn’t you ever talk about her with me? It makes me feel like you’re hiding something.

Milton: Oh, honey. I’m not trying to. I just want to protect you. I feel like you’ve always wanted a motherly figure in your life and I didn’t want to give you that and then take it away if I introduced you to a girlfriend and things didn’t work out.

Sarah: Does that mean you think you and Moira are going to be together forever?

Milton: No, it doesn’t. I don’t know that the future holds. That could happen, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself, you know? We’ve been together for about a year now, though, and I think it’s time that you both meet. It’s getting more serious and you deserve to know. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but I truly did it for your own sake. Everything I do, it’s for you. I never would’ve sent you down here to live with your aunt if I was looking out for me. You are my life and I only want to protect you.

Sarah: Dad, I don’t need to be shielded. You can talk to me about anything. I’d rather you talk about difficult things than hide them from me.

Milton: I’ll try to. It’ll be hard, since I’m surrounded by crazy people so I usually just internalize everything, but I’m going to stop hiding things from you.

Sarah: Thank you. Now, let’s go eat.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Marietta is on the phone with Kate.

Marietta: Kate, I have a serious question to ask you

Kate: I’m all ears.

Ellie: As am I!

Marietta: How is Ellie always with you? It’s like you’re married!

Kate: We’re very close friends and partners in the Senate. Like you and Tammy.

Tammy: She has a point!

Ellie: That was your question?

Marietta: No, I just thought of that one.

Ellie: So you have another question.

Marietta: Yes, Ellie. I didn’t call for no reason.

Kate: Let Marietta talk!

Marietta: So, Milton has a girlfriend now.

Moira: Hey there!

Kate: Hi, Moira!

Ellie: How are you?

Marietta: That answers my question.

Kate: What was your question?

Marietta: Are we in the family really the only ones that didn’t know about it. The answer is yes.

Amy: I’m not family and I didn’t know!

Tammy: Amy, please be quiet.

Kate: He told Ellie and me a few months ago but asked to keep it quiet because he wasn’t sure it was going to be long-term because he was so busy, and he knew how all of you got.

Marietta: How we get?

Ellie: You know. Crazy?

Marietta: We are n- yeah, we are.

Kate: It’s okay. Ellie is also insane.

Ellie: Excuse me!

Milton and Sarah walk out to the living room.

Marietta: Oh, Milton’s back. Gotta go, Kate.

Kate: Talk to you later!

Ellie: Bye! Love you guys!

Marietta hangs up.

Patty Lynn: Is everyone okay now?

Sarah: Yes, we’re all good.

Milton: Moira, I’d like to introduce you to my daughter, Sarah.

Patty Lynn: I was trying to tell you dinner’s ready!

Milton: Mom, not now! Moira, meet Sarah.

Patty Lynn: Sorry.

Kathleen: I think I smell something burning.

Patty Lynn: Oh no!

Patty Lynn runs to the kitchen.

Milton: Thank you, Aunt Kathleen. That was painful. Anyway…

Moira: Hi, Sarah. I’m Moira, and I really care for your dad.

Sarah: It’s nice to meet you, Moira. I think he’s okay, too. He doesn’t think things through sometimes, but he’s all right, all in all.

Milton: That’s so sweet.

Eliza: Aww, I love sweet family moments.

Henrietta: That was sweet?

Milton: It was for Sarah. She covers vulnerability with humor.

Sarah: Dad, don’t. You’re embarrassing me.

Milton: That is my job.

Martin: We better eat before Patty Lynn has a heart attack.

The family sits down at the dinner table.

Patty Lynn: Once again, I want to welcome Moira to the Landfield home. We are so grateful to have you here today with us.

Martin: It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Milton so happy with someone.

Marietta: It’s also been a long time since we’ve seen Milton with anyone.

Moira: I’m glad to be making history!

Patty Lynn: For this special occasion, I broke out my grandmother’s old brisket recipe that I haven’t made in years. Since I’m feeding a group the size of the US Olympic team, I had to make multiple servings of it. I hope you all like it.

Moira: I don’t eat meat. Do you have anything else?

Patty Lynn: You… you what?

Moira: I’m just kidding!

Milton: Moira has a lot of jokes!

Eliza: She’s gonna fit in this family really well, then.

Marietta: What are you saying there, Eliza?

Eliza: We’re always joking and being sarcastic.

Marietta: I’m always being completely serious.

Eliza: See, like that.

Marietta stares at Eliza.

Henrietta: Mom, she’s scaring me.

Amy: She scares us all!

Tammy: I have a question for the lady of the evening.

Patty Lynn: What is it?

Tammy: I meant Moira.

Patty Lynn: I don’t think Moira slaved in a kitchen for two days making ten pounds of brisket, but okay.

Tammy: Why Milton?

Marietta: Tammy!

Milton: It’s a valid question. I ask it myself.

Tammy: I don’t mean it in a nasty way. I just want to know, why Milton?

Moira: Obviously, he’s very charming and handsome -

Sarah: Excuse me while I barf.

Milton: Sarah, don’t talk about barfing at the dinner table.

Marietta: I feel queasy myself.

Martin: Marietta, don’t talk about feeling queasy at the dinner table.

Moira: There’s a deep emotional connection between us, you know?

Sarah: I’d hope you’d grow an emotional connection, you’ve been together a year.

Patty Lynn: You’ve been what?

Marietta: This saga just gets more and more bizarre.

Milton: We’ve been seeing each other for a year, yes.

Kathleen: How did you hide this from these people?

Patty Lynn: He also hid it from you!

Milton: I didn’t want to hide it from you, it just kind of happened.

Moira: We’ve always had a connection, ever since we met when Milton became mayor and I was on the council, but we didn’t act on it until he left office. It was the weekend after he became a senator.

Milton: I was flying back from DC for the weekend. We hadn’t seen each other in a few months since I left office. Moira was at the airport in DC, she was flying back home from a trip in New York and had a layover. We ended up sitting next to each other while we waited for the plane, and then I asked her for a date. We’ve been seeing one another every weekend I was in town since then.

Patty Lynn: Again, how did you hide that from us?

Milton: We didn’t really see each other on Saturdays. Just on Sundays and Fridays, so it never interrupted our family dinners. Somehow, we never got caught and we never made you guys suspicious.

Amy: I was suspicious.

Tammy: No, you weren’t.

Amy: Yes I was! Anytime I asked the council for help passing something Marietta wanted passed, Moira was always so much more excited to help than anyone else.

Tammy: Maybe because she’s just nice.

Amy: No, I knew something was up.

Tammy: I still doubt that.

Mitch: Tammy, stop. Amy’s going to have a breakdown.

Patty Lynn: Why did you hide it from us?

Milton: Again, I didn’t want to hide it. I just never felt like it was the right time to bring it up.

Moira: I had to push him to finally bring it up today. He was so worried about it.

Milton: I knew you guys would wonder why I kept if from you.

Marietta: So you didn’t hide it from us because we’re crazy?

Milton: I didn’t say that. That’s part of why I didn’t tell you. I wanted to keep it from you at first because I knew what a big deal you made of every one of my prior relationships. It’s a lot to handle. I wanted to wait a couple months. Hiding it for a year was the accidental part.

Martin: That is okay! We’ve all met now, we’re having a great time, all’s well.

Patty Lynn: How does everyone love the brisket?

Moira: It’s delicious!

Milton: Can I just thank you all?

Patty Lynn: Any time is a good time to thank me. You’re welcome.

Milton: You’ve all made tonight a special one. I didn’t know how you’d take this, but you’ve all taken it well. Especially you, Sarah, who had the most reason of all to be upset.

Sarah: I’m just special, I guess.

Milton: You are special. You all are. Everyone in this room is so special to me. This is a family. We’re weird, we’re unique, we’re unconventional, but we’re a family.  Thanks for always being there for me. Now, back to the brisket!

Marietta: Like I ever stopped eating it.

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