ABC Renew/Cancel Week 7: Stumptown May Get Stomped Out

There hasn't been an ABC Renew/Cancel in some time, and with so many bubble shows to talk about on ABC, I'm back with a new update. Two shows are on the move this time, keep on reading to find out which two they are!

Certain Cancellation:
Emergence (0.6)

Likely Cancellation

Leans Cancellation:
Schooled (0.8)
Single Parents (0.7)
Stumptown (0.6)

Leans Renewal
Bless This Mess (0.7)

Likely Renewal:
American Housewife (0.6)
A Million Little Things (0.8)
Mixed-ish (0.7)
The Rookie (0.6)

Certain Renewal:
Black-ish (0.7)
The Conners (1.1)
The Good Doctor (0.8)
The Goldbergs (0.9)

Already Renewed:
Grey's Anatomy

Already Canceled/Final Season:
Fresh Off the Boat
How To Get Away With Murder
Modern Family

Coming Soon:
The Baker & The Beauty
For Life
Station 19
United We Fall

Stumptown: Stumptown was never a strong performer in the first place, but ABC was so high on it that I thought they'd give it a second chance. After all, it was doing a respectable job holding on to as much of its (tiny) Single Parents lead-in as possible. Now, though, I see it as an underdog for renewal. It's already dipped below 0.50 in unrounded ratings, which isn't a great sign for its future ratings. It's also significantly performing ABC's expectations for it if its ad rates are any indication. Shows that underperform their ad rates aren't always canceled, as they may have something else going for them (such as syndication, streaming deals, or international deals). However, I don't know what in particular Stumptown has going for it to help it make a compelling case for renewal. I'm downgrading it to LEANS CANCELLATION.

Schooled: Also on the move this week is Schooled. I gave it a harsh downgrade a few updates back when it seemed as if it would be the only ABC comedy with the option for a backorder to not receive one, but it was extended a few weeks ago. Given that the lack of backorder was the main reason for my downgrade, it's getting upgraded now that its episode count is confirmed. However, I'm not upgrading it back to a renewal prediction, as I still think it's one of the most likely ABC comedies to be cut. It's not fully produced or distributed by ABC and it isn't even retaining its lead-in all that well even though it's a spin-off of it. It LEANS CANCELLATION, but the ABC comedy department is so uncertain that I don't even know how long it'll remain there.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to vote in the Poll of the Week!

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