Bar Exam Preview

Here are short excerpts from some episodes of TVRGO’s upcoming comedy Bar Exam. Be sure to catch the premiere on Tuesday, January 7 at 8pm Eastern time!

Episode 2
Lorenzo: Hey! You here for my food and drinks?
Adam: Why wouldn’t I be?
Lorenzo: I don’t know, rough opening so far. I’m not taking for granted getting a customer.
Adam: I wanted to check out this place. You were my favorite baseball player by the way.
Lorenzo: Thanks! Never knew anyone liked how I pitched.
Adam: No, you were a terrible pitcher. But you made for some good entertainment when you were on the bench. Which was pretty much—
Lorenzo: All the time, I know. It was a good bench, you’ll have to trust me on that one. So what can I get you?
Adam: Whatever you have is fine. Name’s Adam by the way.
Lorenzo (shaking hands): Lorenzo, nice to meet you.
Adam: I know your name.
Lorenzo: Right. (Hands him a drink). Hold on, I’m getting another customer.

Episode 3
Madison: My cat would be a better waiter than that guy.
Lorenzo: Oh what’s his or her name?
Madison: Seriously?
Lorenzo: Whiskers? Bill?
Madison: Why would its name be Bill? And neither.
Lorenzo: Can I interview your cat?
Madison: You could but you’d be wasting your time.
Lorenzo: Trust me, my days as a baseball player made me the king of wasting time. Call your cat.

Episode 4
Lorenzo: If anyone saw me in my days in the bullpen, I don’t exactly take boredom easily so someone say something. (Long pause).
Lorenzo: Reagan, anything?
Reagan: Fine. I ruined the curve.
Lorenzo: Huh?
Reason: I ruined the curve. These geniuses all did terrible on last week’s exam and I aced it.
Lorenzo: Oh, I know what you mean. You know, there used to be a day where I was the one making everyone else look bad.
Madison: You mean they made you look bad?
Lorenzo: I’m talking about my Little League days. Well, one of those years at least, probably.

Episode 5
Adam: Yep, water. Not vodka. Speaking of which, you got any vodka?
Lorenzo: I figured as much and yes. Sauce or drink?
Adam: Drink. Actually, both.
Reagan: I just had a thought.
Chase: Same! Let’s see if we were thinking the same thing. I’ll start: milk.
Reagan: Not at all. I was thinking just hypothetically, could be sue Lorenzo over this?
Lorenzo: Sue me? Come on, it was an honest mistake!
Reagan: Oh don’t get me wrong I have no intention on doing that.

Episode 6
Lorenzo: Hey everyone, what’s up!
Madison: Um...nothing really. Why are you here?
Chase: The restaurant must be closing.
Adam: I figured it would happen.
Sam: Yeah, we really were the backbone of that place. One night without us and it goes under.
Lorenzo: No, the restaurant is still doing fine. Or at least, as good or bad as it normally does, I don’t really know. I brought you all hot dogs.
Lincoln: That wasn’t necessary.
Lorenzo: I know. I had some extras already made though.
Sam: You don’t make these to order?
Lorenzo: Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.
Madison: How long do these sit out?
Lorenzo: Only one or two hours usually, three days tops.

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