NBC Renew/Cancel Week 5: Perfect Harmony is in Far from Perfect Shape, but Its Fate Is Less Certain

It's been a while since my last NBC Renew/Cancel, and I feel like it's the right time to check in on the Peacock Network. This week's update features an upgrade for one show and an update on another. Keep reading to find out which shows I'll talk about this time around!

Certain Cancellation:
Bluff City Law (0.6)

Likely Cancellation: 
Perfect Harmony (0.5)

Leans Cancellation:
The Blacklist (0.5)

Leans Renewal: 

Likely Renewal:
Law & Order: SVU (0.7)
New Amsterdam (0.8)

Certain Renewal:
Chicago Fire (1.2)
Chicago PD (1.1)
Chicago Med (1.2)
Saturday Night Live (1.2)
Superstore (0.8)

Already Renewed:
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
This Is Us

Already Canceled/Final Season:
The Good Place
Will & Grace

Coming Soon:
Council of Dads
Good Girls
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Perfect Harmony: I've been pretty hard on this show, and for good reason. Its 0.45 season average is pathetic. It makes it the lowest-rated new show of the season behind the already-canceled Sunnyside. So why am I upgrading it? My gut is just telling me that this show has a chance, no matter how small, or coming back. And since I have that small doubt in just how inevitable its cancellation is, I can't leave it as a certain cancellation. Make no mistake, the ratings and its 20th Century TV ownership should mean it's certainly a goner, but NBC has made strange comedy renewals in the past (albeit, under different leadership). For now, it's a LIKELY CANCELLATION.

Bluff City Law: Since our last update, NBC's only new fall drama wrapped up its first season run with an awful 0.56. Somehow that puts it smack dab in the middle of this season's crop of new shows, but it had a better lead-in than most of the other shows and no real excuse to bomb as badly as it did. I'm absolutely certain that this is a CERTAIN CANCELLATION.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll of the week!

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