Sitcom Scorecard 2019-20, Week 15: A Three-Way Tie at the Middle, and NBC’s in Last Place

Hello peoples, long time no see! The Sitcom Scorecard is back with a bang, just in time for 2020. Here are the current standings, as of December 30. Just a disclaimer: the Scorecards are separate from the Renew/Cancel predictions. Play along, play along.

You heard it right, NBC is in last place, with the majority of the helpings in the anemic range. We know Sunnyside was put to the pasture, and The Good Place and Will and Grace are in final seasons. Perfect Harmony, the second lowest rated show on NBC, has its odds changed to -5%, after getting capped at 13 episodes. Regardless of The Good Place production treatment, Perfect Harmony is not long for this world. This is no Good Place.

Other than Perfect Harmony's obviously doomed fate at NBC, the other network's fates are not as clear cut. On ABC, the odds for Single Parents and Schooled have switched. With Schooled at 45%, being a Sony production with ABC co-ownership is a negative indicator. Single Parents is produced in-house. Not to mention, Schooled was the last ABC comedy to get a full season backorder. Currently in third place, ABC, like CBS, only has one new comedy on the bench compared to the other networks. And ABC only has one comedy total on the bench. And the fate for each comedy will only depend on development and space. The big news for the middle of the pack, there is a three-way tie for seventeenth place. The three comedies tied are Carol's Second Act, black-ish, and Single Parents.

FOX, at #1, holds the most entries at Leading the Pack. But this could change after the Super Bowl. Will The Simpsons hold on to #1, or could The Connors make it or break it and unseat The Simpsons? Only time will tell.

What other surprises await for 2020? Sound off in the comments below!

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