Bake Your Heart Out Season 1 Episode 4 Part 1 - The Guest Judge

 Bake Your Heart Out Season 1, Episode 4 Part 1
The Guest Judge

Leslie is in Paul’s office for one of their weekly meetings.
Paul: So, how’s it like to be back to work after the break? How’d you enjoy New Orleans?
Leslie: Being back isn’t great, but New Orleans was. I got to see so much of the city and so many of the bars. It was lovely.
Paul: That’s nice to hear. It’s always great to see our top talents be happy.
Leslie: I’ve never been a “top talent” before. Or even a talent. No network’s even really given me the time of day before.
Paul: You created a hit, Leslie. We treat people like you well. As long as you treat us well.
Leslie: Oh no, why do I feel like you’re gonna ask me to do something for you now?
Paul: Because I am. It’s a very simple request, though.
Leslie: I’ve heard that before.
Paul: All I ask is that you allow us to promote one of our new shows on the show.
Leslie: I don’t care what you promote during our commercials, that’s not for me ton decide.
Paul: No Leslie, I want to use the actual show to promote a new show.
Leslie: How are you gonna do that?
Paul: We are going to have Charlotte Keen drop by Bake Your Heart Out as a guest judge. Just a quick, one episode appearance to promote her new sitcom.
Leslie: Charlotte Keen? You mean that irritating British woman who was nominated for an Oscar in the nineties?
Paul: Yes!
Leslie: I’ll have to talk to my cast about it. I don’t see why they’d have any problem with it but they’ll need to work with her too and they’re all divas so I better ask.
Paul: That sounds fair. Let me know by the end of the day.
Leslie: Will do.
Leslie heads to the set of Bake Your Heart Out to tell the cast about Paul’s proposition.
Leslie: Guys, I have something really interesting to tell you.
Sam: What, finally ready to tell us where you live?
Leslie: No. Paul -
Diane: Oh no, this is never good.
Leslie: Paul has a very important network note.
Sam: Continue.
Leslie: He wants Bake Your Heart Out to have a guest judge!
Frances: Oh my goodness! This is so exciting! Which baker are we going with? My niece Jane? One of our previous winners? Elissa Travetti? I’m fine with anyone but DeAnna Clifton.
Leslie: He’s going in a different direction.
Frances: What do you mean?
Leslie: He’s thinking a star of one of the other shows on the network.
Frances: Oh, who else on the network is a baker?
Leslie: Frances, I don’t think you’re picking up what I’m saying. The guest judge is just another person. They aren’t a baker.
Diane: Who is it, Leslie?
Leslie: Charlotte Keen.
Frances: That British lady in every commercial ever?
Leslie: That’s her.
Frances: I’m not fine with that. She isn’t a baker.
Leslie: You said you were fine with anyone but DeAnna Clifton. Charlotte Keen is not DeAnna Clifton.
Frances: I changed my mind. Anyone but DeAnna Clifton or Charlotte Keen.
Leslie: You people are all such divas. You make my job so hard.
Garry: I didn’t say anything. I never say anything.
Leslie: That’s because you’re the good one, Garry. The only sane person that works on this show.
Garry: Thank you. I agree.
Frances: Leslie, I beg of you. Get Paul to change his mind.
Leslie: We have pushed back on way too many of his network notes. Remember when we wanted us to do a live episode so that America could vote?
Frances: How would that have even worked? They couldn't even taste the food!
Leslie: I know. We can’t just turn down all of his ideas and he has some really dumb ones so I think we can go with this one. It’s only one episode, and it won’t interfere with much at all. She doesn’t even need to have a part in the results of the day. She just needs to be here.
Frances: Alright, whatever. If it saves us from having to do a live show or from having to do a celebrity edition, I guess that’s fine.
Leslie: There’s the spirit Frances! It’s not right but it’s okay!
Frances: When’s she gonna be on the show?
Leslie: I have no idea. But I’m assuming sometime soon if he’s bringing it up now.
Frances: Just let me know. I want to make a cake for her.
Sam: You’re gonna poison it, aren’t you?
Frances: I would never poison someone! I’m a good person.
Leslie: I’m going to tell Paul about our decision. The bakers are here now, so you guys go ahead and get to work on episode four. It’s pie week, I know that’s a big deal for you, Sam.
Sam: It really is. I love pie.
Leslie heads back to Paul’s office.
Paul: Leslie, you’re back so soon! Did you miss me?
Leslie: The cast of Bake Your Heart Out would like to formally accept your invitation to have Charlotte Keen on the show. We think it will be an interesting opportunity for us all.
Paul: That’s great to hear! I’ll call Charlotte and let her know the good news.
Leslie: When do you think she’ll be on the show?
Paul: Aren’t you filming episode 5 next week?
Leslie: That is certainly the plan.
Paul: I’ll try to get her to stop by then.
Leslie: Sounds like a plan.
One week later…
Frances: Oh goody, it’s time for our day of torture!
Leslie: Frances, it’s not going to be that bad. I’m sure Charlotte brushed up on baking terms since she knew she was appearing today.
Frances: One week of preparation can’t raise you to the level of expertise required for this show.
Sam: Get off your pedestal Frances. This is a baking show on broadcast television. It’s not like we’re winning Oscars for it. 
Frances: I’m not stuck up. I’m just worried that this will lead to more of Paul suggesting stars from the network to pop up on here and I don’t want this show to become some sort of promotional platform.
Leslie: Frances, this is my show. Don’t you worry about it, I’m not letting Paul turn it into something it’s not.
Frances: I trust you. 
Leslie: Thank you. I just need you to do me one favor. Please be respectful to Charlotte. I don’t want her running to Paul to tell him that we treated her like crap.
Frances: I’ll be on my best behavior.
Diane: I’m actually excited to have her around. I don’t get out much, I need to make some new friends.
Sam: Diane, that is so sad.
Diane: I know.
Charlotte: Hello everyone! I’m he-ere! This is Bake Your Heart Out, right?
Leslie: Yes, it is. Welcome to our show, we are all so glad to have you here with us for the day. 
Charlotte: It’s an honor to be here. I love this show, just like the rest of America.
Garry: We’re like a family here, and we’ve never let anyone else be a part of the family before. We’re glad to see a fresh face stop by.
Diane: Yes, we are. We’re so lonely.
Sam: Get help, Diane.
Leslie: Ignore them, Charlotte. I’ll show you to your dressing room. Everyone else is ready, but the contestants aren’t here yet so you’ve got time to get ready.
Charlotte: Alright, thanks.
Leslie takes Charlotte to her dressing room and returns back to the stage.
Leslie: So, what does everyone think of her?
Garry: She seems lovely, and like a devoted fan of the show. At first glance, I’d say this isn’t really a bad decision by Paul.
Sam: I’m just hoping Diane doesn’t scare her off.
Diane: Why would I scare her off?
Sam: You’re acting so weird today. Like you’ve never met another human before.
Diane: I’ve been having a very emotional day. I’ve been binge watching Gilmore Girls lately and my favorite couple on Bachelor In Paradise just broke up last night and it’s just been an emotional rollercoaster.
Sam: Diane, look at me. I love you. We all love you. Now don’t take this next part personally. You’re annoying the hell out of all of us and we need you to act sane again.
Diane: I’ll try.
Leslie: Frances, how are you holding up? Did you break a wooden spoon out of pure rage yet or is that coming later?
Frances: I’m fine. I still would prefer if she wasn’t here, but I’m fine.
Leslie: Good to hear. You’re doing well so far, keep up the good work.
Frances: Don’t patronize me.
Leslie: You people are all so overdramatic. Every day it’s the same thing. Maybe I’ll have to keep Charlotte to balance out the insanity.
Frances: I’ll be on my best behavior, I promise
Leslie: That’s the spirit!
Charlotte: Hello again everyone!
Leslie: Oh, hi Charlotte.The contestants will be here in about five minutes. You can join us for some coffee and biscotti if you want.
Charlotte: That would be lovely.
Paul walks in to the studio.
Paul: How are the stars of my future #1 and #2 shows feeling on this fine morning?
Frances: We’re getting a spinoff show?
Paul: No, I meant Charlotte’s show.
Frances: Oh. Of course you did.
Leslie: The shuttle bringing the bakers from the hotel is running late, so we haven’t filmed anything yet, but everything’s going well so far!
Paul: Good to hear. Everyone’s treating you well, Charlotte?
Charlotte: Yes, everyone’s been great.
Paul: Good to hear. If nobody minds, I’d like to stick around to supervise the shoot. Gotta make sure everything goes swimmingly today.
Leslie: No, nobody minds at all. Now if you don’t mind, Team Bake Your Heart Out is going to have a private meeting over in the corner. We’ll be just a moment.
Paul: Take all the time you need.
Leslie, Garry, Frances, Sam and Diane all head over to the corner to talk.
Frances: What the heck is going on? Why is Paul watching over the show today? He never does that. Something is going on…
Leslie: For once I actually agree with you, Frances.
Diane: I’m just glad for another person to be around. I don’t see anything weird about it.
Sam: Of course you don’t.
Leslie: I’m not really sure what he’s doing. It’s all very suspicious.
Frances: Maybe he heard us badmouthing her?
Leslie: Us?
Frances: Alright, maybe he heard me.
Leslie: It’s possible.
Sam: But it’s not like most network executives care if the cast of one show talks trash about someone from another show.
Garry: This is different. Charlotte’s show is the most high-profile new show under his tenure and they’ve spent a bunch of money on it. Charlotte has a reputation as a diva, and she’s already quit three other shows after one season. If she’s unhappy, she might do the same thing again and screw up the show.
Sam: Isn’t she under contract though?
Frances: Look at Valerie Pratt. She was under contract and then she tweeted something offensive and there went her contract.
Garry: Or maybe she only had a one year contract. Paul might have given that to her if he was desperate enough to get her on the show. She is a big star after all.
Charlotte: So, what’s everyone talking about?
To be continued…

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