Marietta Season 2 Episode 6 - Hospital Party (Midseason Finale)

 Marietta Season 2, Episode 6
Hospital Party

Tammy calls Marietta and Marietta quickly picks up the phone.
Tammy: Marietta! Did Kate tell you the news?
Marietta: What news? A fifteenth Democrat running for President?
Tammy: No. It’s even worse than that.
Marietta: A sixteenth Democrat running for President?
Tammy: Betty Benoit was hit by a car today. Kate just called me.
Marietta: What? How did that happen? And how haven’t I heard about that already? I’ve had the news on in the background all day while I write out my Christmas cards.
Tammy: Apparently it just happened an hour or so ago, she was at her daughter’s recital and got hit crossing the street. Her brother called up Senator Sherwood and told him to tell the rest of the Senate. Her family doesn’t want the press to know anything until they know how she’s doing. I don’t know how long they’ll be able to stop it from leaking.
Marietta: I can’t believe this happened. I was going to have dinner with her and her family tomorrow.
Tammy: Well you aren’t now.
Marietta: Tammy! This isn’t the time for jokes.
Tammy: I know, I know. I’m just upset.
Marietta: We got on each other’s nerves all the time, but we were repairing our relationship so we could work alongside one another and now we might not get to do that anymore.
Tammy: Oh boy, the media found out about Betty. It’s on all the news networks now and in all the news papers. The New York Times is saying that the Senate Republicans are freaking out because she might have to resign and that would result in them losing their seat.
Marietta: I feel bad for her family, if they didn’t want it to come out then it shouldn’t be out.
Tammy: I completely agree. But the media’s can be vultures, any time there’s a story, they’re going to run with it. I just hope that Betty gets better so we can go back to arguing with her about everything like normal people.
Two days later, Marietta gets a call from Kate.
Kate: Marietta! How are ya?
Marietta: I’m okay. Settling in to the new job. How are you?
Kate: I’m calling from the airport, so that should probably answer that.
Marietta: Why are you at the airport?
Kate: A few of us senators are coming to see Betty in the hospital. You can come if you’d like.
Marietta: Sure, I’ll come. I should probably go see her if you are. I didn’t want to intrude on her family before they were ready for visitors, but I’m sure you guys got permission.
Kate: Yeah, her brother’s been very responsive to us. He said she’s doing better and that we can all come see her whenever we want to.
Marietta: That’s great. I guess I’ll see you in about four hours.
Kate: Four hours? ‘Fraid not, Marietta. We’re at the Louis Armstrong Airport. Ellie and I rented a car, we can pick you up in about half an hour.
Marietta: Half an hour? Oh boy, I better get off the phone with you guys and take a quick shower. and I should probably call Tammy and my parents since they’ve been asking about Betty, as well.
Kate: Alright. Just be ready in time. for us to pick you up.
Marietta: Will do.
Forty minutes later, Kate and Ellie arrive at the Mayor’s Mansion and Marietta comes darting down the stairs.
Kate: Marietta! Your hair is still wet? When did you get in the shower?
Marietta: Fifteen minutes ago. My mom wouldn’t let me off the phone! By the way, my parents want to come with. Tammy does, too.
Kate: I presume we’ll be picking them up as well?
Marietta: Yeah, if you don’t mind.
Kate: No, not at all. Just, go dry your hair. It’s winter, you’re going to catch a cold.
Marietta: It’s 75 degrees outside. I’m fine.
Kate: No, you’re not. We can wait.
Marietta: Okay, mom.
Kate: You know, Tammy and I wouldn’t treat you like our children if you didn’t act like a moody teenager all of the time.
Marietta: I hate you! You’re so mean to me!
Kate: We have fun.
Marietta: We sure do. No I better go dry my hair so you don’t yell at me.
Fifteen minutes later, Kate, Ellie and Marietta arrive at Marietta’s house and pick Tammy up.
Tammy: The band’s back together again! This is fun!
Ellie: Tammy, we’re going to visit someone who just got hit by a car. How’s that fun??
Tammy: Oh, she’s fine. No need to get offended on her behalf.
Ellie: I’m not offended! I just think you should probably not talk about this being fun when someone we all know just got hit by a car and is now in the hospital.
Tammy: Oh fine. I won’t have any fun.
Kate: Marietta, would you mind running in to get your parents?
Marietta: No, not at all.
Marietta runs up to Martin and Patty Lynn’s door and rings the doorbell.
Patty Lynn: Marietta! You got here quickly! That’s unlike you.
Marietta: That’s on Kate and Ellie. I definitely wouldn’t be here without them.
Patty Lynn: I invited your aunt and your brother to come along, I hope you don’t mind.
Marietta: Mom, Kate and Ellie rented a van big enough for six people. Not eight. You guys are gonna have to drive on your own. I don’t know why you’d even want to go to begin with though.
Patty Lynn: Because I want to stay up-to-date and your brother said he thinks it’ll look good for his campaign for the city council. And I think Kathleen is just lonely.
Marietta: I’m gonna get to Kathleen’s desperation in a moment. But first, did you just say Milton is running for city council?
Patty Lynn: Yeah, he told me a few days ago.
Marietta: Why didn’t he tell me?
Patty Lynn: It’s been a crazy couple of days. He would’ve told you soon, I’m sure.
Marietta: Also, he’s going to see Betty as a campaign event? That’s sick.
Patty Lynn: That isn’t the only reason.
Marietta: For what other reason is he going?
Patty Lynn: He wants to support you.
Marietta: Mom, Betty’s an old colleague of mine and she’s fine. It’s not like my husband is on his deathbed or something. So the notion that Milton is coming just to support me is untrue. Still, I think it’ll make Betty happy that some people came to wish her well.
Patty Lynn: I really thought you were going to be more adamant about them not going so I’m just glad to not have to argue.
Marietta: Dad will be fine with driving, right?
Patty Lynn: Of course. He does anything I tell him to do.
Marietta: Alright, then I’ll see you at the hospital. We ought to get going, the other senators are going to get there way before Kate and Ellie and they’re going to feel so embarrassed.
Patty Lynn: See you soon.
Marietta walks back to the car and jumps in.
Ellie: So… where are your parents?
Marietta: They aren’t coming with us. Mom invited Milton and Kathleen so now they have to drive on their own.
Kate: Oh Patty Lynn, you always did make things more complicated than they needed to be.
Marietta: That’s my mom!
Fifteen minutes late…
Ellie: Kate, I see Harry and Greg driving around. Those idiots don’t even see that there’s a parking spot right in front of them. We’re totally gonna beat them there.
Kate: This isn’t a race. Though, it would be really nice to beat those two there after they made fun of us for bringing Marietta along.
Marietta: They did what?
Ellie: Oh, yeah. They said we were idiots for wasting time going to pick you up before we came.
Tammy: Why is everyone acting like this is some big competition to get in?
Kate: Well, you can only bring eight people in at once. Her brother, mother and husband are three right off the bat. So that means only five more people can get in. We want to get there first so we can all get in to see her now instead of having to wait.
Tammy: Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!
Marietta: Shouldn’t we wait for my parents to get here?
Tammy: Ya snooze ya lose Marietta. It’s every person for themselves!
Kate: Tammy, it’s not that serious.
Kate: I’m extremely competitive, you know that. Now let’s get moving!
The group runs into the hospital and races to Betty’s room, arriving a minute before the others.
Hal (Betty’s brother): Hey guys. I’m so glad you could make it. Betty’s awake right now and doing pretty well. The four of you could all head on in if you’d like. She’s excited to see you.
Marietta: She knew we were coming?
Hal: Yeah. I told her that some of her friends from the Senate were coming and she figured out which ones. She didn’t know that Senator Yarborough and Mayor Landfield were coming, though.
Marietta: Oh, that still feels so nice to hear.
Betty: Is that Marietta I hear? Get in here!
Marietta: Betty, I’m so glad you’re okay! You’re the only thing I’ve thought of in the past few days.
Betty: I’d like to say the same to you but, you know.
Marietta: I understand.
Betty: I’m sorry I missed our dinner, though. I was looking forward to it. It would’ve been nice to go a whole weekend without having to talk even once about politics. Well, that still happened, but I wasn’t exactly happy about this particular situation.
Ellie: Hey there Betty Benoit! I know Marietta’s a big deal, but we’re here too! We actually had to fly to get here!
Betty: I didn’t even see you guys! I’m so happy you came!
Kate: We’re glad you’re happy. You’re going through a lot right now and we just wanted to spread a bit of cheer.
Tammy: And it’s not like the Senate is busy or anything, so they had plenty of time on their hands to fly down here.
Ellie: I reject the notion that we in the Senate aren’t hard working. 
Tammy: Ellie, I was a Senator for thirty years. You don’t have to lie to me. Nothing ever happens in the Senate after Thanksgiving. Most of us don’t even show up because we’re busy Christmas shopping.
Betty: It’s still sweet of you to come down. Especially you, Ellie. I know you’re used to those cold New England winters and you’re probably not used to it being so warm down here.
Ellie: Betty, have you ever been to Massachusetts?
Betty:Why, no, I haven’t. But I’d love to come up and visit you some day.
Ellie: Let’s focus on getting you better. Then the two of us can take a drive together around Martha’s Vineyard.
Betty: Sounds good.
Kate: Want to come to North Carolina, Betty? I’m feeling left out.
Betty: Nah, been there already.
Kate: Oh.
Betty: I’m only kidding!
Kate: You always have been a jokester!
Tammy: I don’t have any fun trip or dinner or anything to offer to you, Betty, so I’m just going to wish you a speedy recovery.
Betty: Oh come on Tammy, don’t be so down on yourself. You can tell the story about that field trip we took that one time!
Tammy: Oh boy. I never tell that story to anyone. Even Marietta doesn’t know it.
Marietta: I’m intrigued.
Tammy: Fine, if it’ll make Betty feel better -
Betty: It will.
Tammy: I’ll tell the story.
Marietta: You know Betty, it’s a shame we had to run against each other. Because we make a hell of a team.
Betty: We really do.
Tammy: Alright, attention please. I’ll only tell this once.
Marietta: Alright, mom.
Patty Lynn: Did someone call my name?
Marietta: Oh my god, how did it take so long for you guys to get here?
Kathleen: We didn’t know where in the hospital Betty was and Patty Lynn wouldn’t let us stop and ask so we kinda just drove around for awhile trying to figure it out. This hospital is huge.
Patty Lynn: Apparently we have to stay out here and wait to visit because there’s a “visitor limit,” so I better get out of the room before that angry nurse comes back to yell at us.
Kathleen: We’ll be out here for emotional support if you need us, Marietta.
Marietta: Alright. Have.. fun?
Tammy: Anyway, on to my story. So, it’s 2005. I, as Senate Minority leader, am leading a joint Congressional delegation trip to Germany. Some members of the House Senate Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations are along with me. So me, Betty and former Representative Roberta Klein are in the bathroom in Berlin after what felt like the longest flight ever. I’m exhausted, but we still have at least a few hours before we can get to our hotel rooms and sleep. Well… I apparently decided not to wait that long and I fell asleep on the toilet in the airport stall. Betty hears me snoring, wakes me up, and I jump off the toilet, accidentally sticking my hand in the bowl in the process. The three people in that room that day are the only ones who ever knew it happened. We swore an oath to never tell anyone.
Marietta: Oh my god, that’s that is hilarious. I can’t believe you’ve never told us this before!
Tammy: I was perfectly content with never telling it.
Betty: But it’s so much better that you did.
Tammy: Is it?
Betty: Yes! Because now it can live on for generations to come.
Tammy: It doesn’t leave this room.
Marietta: Oh Tammy, you’re no fun!
Ellie: I have plenty of embarrassing stories I could tell. But none of them will compare to that.
Kate: Tammy, it’s not that bad.
Ellie: It’s pretty bad.
Tammy: Yeah, it is.
Betty: This has been so much fun, you guys!
Tammy: See Ellie? I told you this was gonna be fun!
Ellie: I guess you were right.
Betty: What, did Ellie say this wasn’t gonna be fun?
Tammy: Yes! She was acting like we were going to a funeral or something!
Betty: I’m perfectly fine. Just a little bruised and battered. Nothing to worry about. This has felt like a party and I’m really enjoying it. It’s much better than feeling down about my accident.
Marietta: We should probably get going, though. Harry and Greg have been waiting outside for like 45 minutes and we should let them come in and see you.
Kate: Ellie and I will see you in Washington soon.
Betty: I’m hoping to be back to work at the start of 2020.
Kate: Perfect! We will see you then.
Cheri: Thank you girls for coming to visit my dear Betty, it means a lot to all of us.
Marietta: It’s our pleasure.
Cooper: We really do appreciate it. The outpouring of love from all of her colleagues has been outstanding. It’s really warmed my heart.
Kate: That calls for a hug! Bring it in.
The group leaves the hospital and goes back to the Mayor’s Mansion.
Kate: Wasn’t that nice, guys? It’s nice to do something selfless for once!
Tammy: It was nice. And she really has changed back to the Betty she used to be.
Marietta: See, I told you.
Ellie: Marietta, we’ve witnessed it personally. No need to act like you’re the only one that knew.
Kate: I’m glad we’re all able to get along with her again, though. You don’t see it very often anymore in politics.
Marietta: We’re just special.
Tammy: We’re special alright.
Marietta: We are all special. Especially crazy.
Tammy: That we are.
Ellie: I miss our weekly get-togethers. We’d all hang out and eat cheesecake at Tammy’s every Friday.
Kate: In that way we were kind of like The Golden Girls.
Ellie: I guess we were.
Tammy: So, when are you guys going back to DC? Tomorrow?
Ellie: We’ll be down here for two more days. So we can all hang out tomorrow yet. Maybe we’ll even go sightseeing. Marietta can take us to her favorite places around the city. As long as we aren’t out too late since our flight leaves at noon the next day and we don’t want to pull a Tammy and fall asleep in the bathroom after the flight’s over.
Tammy: Oh, you. You’re never going to let me live that one down. I was a First Lady. I think I’ve earned some respect.
Ellie: Alright, Tammy. I won’t bring it up again. Maybe.
Kate: Ellie… be nice. Tammy might not come tomorrow if you keep it up. Y’know, because she’ll be too busy sleeping on Marietta’s toilet.
Tammy: Kate! That joke was so out of character for you.
Kate: I must have picked up a few things from the three of you!
Two days later, after Kate and Ellie leave for DC, Marietta goes back to the hospital to see Kate.
Marietta: Hi there. I’m here to see Betty Benoit. I was here a few days ago and heard she was moved to a different room yesterday and I was wondering where she is now.
Nurse Marie: I’m so sorry to be the one that has to tell you this.
Marietta’s face turns pale.
Nurse Marie: Betty Benoit died a few hours ago.
Marietta: Thank you for telling me.
Marietta walks outside the hospital, sits down on a bench, and begins to sob.

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