FOX Renew/Cancel: For The Resident and Prodigal Son, Things Are Less Certain

FOX has not had a Renew/Cancel update in quite a while. But there are plenty to say today. Here are this week's predictions.

Certain Renewal
Bob’s Burgers
Certain Renewal
Family Guy
Certain Renewal
Prodigal Son
Leans Renewal
The Resident
Leans Cancelation
Almost Family
Certain Cancelation
Bless the Harts
The Simpsons
The Moodys
Final Season
Prodigal Son: Things have cooled down quite a bit for the highest rated rookie drama on the FOX lineup. Currently holding steady at a 0.7, Prodigal Son has things going for it. However, it's only partially owned by FOX, with the other 50% being produced by Warner Bros. That may work against it, if the other rookies such as 9-1-1: Lone Star, Deputy, neXt, and Filthy Rich do better. But for now, Prodigal Son leans renewal. It's the only rookie with a full season order going for it.

The Resident: Being fully produced by Disney is going to work against it, but cancelation is becoming less likely for it than it once was. The only reason why I don't think The Resident is as certain of a cancelation as many New FOX pessimists may think is because it is in season 3. I think The Resident may end up like Lucifer which you may recall ended up on Netflix after FOX canceled it after three seasons. While I am leaning towards The Resident not getting another season on FOX, fans should have some hope for a possible Hulu run in the future.

And as noted on the table, The Moodys is a miniseries. No prediction will be coming for it. It's not coming back for another season no matter the ratings.

What do you think about this week's predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

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