American Housewife Season 2 Episode 17 Review

Love is in the air (even for Anna-Kat!) on this week's all-new American Housewife! This should be interesting!

Greg is getting very tired of Taylor and Trip's PDA, but he doesn't say anything at first because he likes to be the nice parent, leaving Katie as the tough one. Speaking of love, Oliver is trying to change his snobby attitude for his new girlfriend Gina, which makes Katie really happy. She tells Greg about their son's personal growth, but he's still worrying bout Trip and Taylor. He tells Katie about how handsy Taylor and Trip are, and she tells him she's never seen anything. This is because she's the "bad cop," and they're afraid to act that way around her. They are not, however, afraid to act that way around the "good cop," AKA Greg. She tells him to give them "The Look," which can stop the PDA right in its tracks. Just then, Gina arrives. He introduces her to everyone, and Anna-KAt decides to make her "relationship" with Franklin official. Gina sounds a lot like Katie with her disdain for Westport's snobbiness, and Oliver plays along. And that's when Cooper bursts in, and he's disappointed when Oliver blows him off for Gina.

Greg tries to give "The Look," but Taylor and Trip aren't phased by it. Like at all. That's when Greg yells at them, and Taylor gets mad about this and storms out. Elsewhere, Cooper tells Oliver that he'll gave to choose between him and Gina. Oliver chooses Gina, of course, and Cooper tries his best to insult Oliver as he walks away. That night, Cooper barges in again, despite knowing that Oliver isnt there. He's actually there to see Katie, who he doesn't want to lose. She's pretty much the only one looking out for him, and that's when Katie cracks. She invites him to have dinner with her. The next day, Doris and Angela tell him that she's gonna have to train him to be less awful, and also, in unrelated news, that she should want Taylor and Trip to be at her house, so that her and Greg can keep their eyes on them.

Katie begins her mentorship of Cooper, and it's taking some time. Okay, a lot of time. Anna-Kat is also having some "relationship" issues with Franklin, and they go to therapy to fix things. Back at the Otto house, Greg and Katie are showing Taylor just how awkward PDA can be. And boy, is it awkward. Later on, Cooper comes over to apologize to Gina. It's a horrible apology, but he's working on being less terrible, with Katie's help. Oliver is happy to have his friend back, and even happier that  Gina seems to not hate him right now.

This was a great episode of American Housewife, probably one of my favorites this season. All of the stories were hilarious, especially Katie and Cooper working together. I also loved Anna-Kat's miniature storyline, especially her breakup and reconciliation with Franklin (who I just get a kick out of). I haven't been enjoying the show quite as much as I usually do this year, but this was a great episode and hopefully it represents a return to form for the show.
Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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