Speechless S2E12 Review

Maya and Jimmy end up going to a fundraiser that they don't really want to go to on this week's episode of Speechless. Meanwhile, the kids wait for the family to go on a road trip, and Ray decides to be bad.


The DiMeos are prepared to go to a road trip, after making an entertaining entrance, but they are reminded of a fundraiser that they committed to. Maya has a hilarious line about this "We've committed to it, and I've committed to doing one out of the ten things I commit to," as she decides to go. Maya and Jimmy end up staying longer than they planned when Maya meets a parent she gets along with. However, she discovers that this parent is against the elevator that Maya wants to be improved.

So, Maya goes undercover as a regular parent, and this is really funny. Maya and that parent get stuck in the elevator, and Maya realizes how she, just like this parents, wants things that benefit her kid and doesn't care about what things will have to be taken away for that. In the end, Maya offers to auction off her help in fighting peoples fights to raise money for other things at the school. Also, it is revealed at the end of the episode that J.J. isn't going to graduate high school.

At this fundraiser, Jimmy puts on shoes that make him tall. He discovers how everyone thinks of him differently when he is tall, and he really enjoys it. This leads to a funny moment when he has to take the shoes off to help Maya, and is revealed to be average height. However, this ends up leading to some other dads admitting their insecurities. Meanwhile, Kenneth hopes that the fundraiser will be a good place for him to meet women, and hilariously has to cope with the fact that there are no single women there.

The kids have time to kill before they go on a road trip, and when the van is in a loading zone as they wait, Ray drives it. His driving without a license leads to more rebellious activities. Dylan is then thrown into the role of being the responsible kid. The changes of roles in the family is entertaining, and there are some funny jokes with that. In the end, Ray and Dylan return to their usual roles, and there are funny moments when Ray tries to get his siblings to cover for him and they refuse.

This was a strong episode all-around. Each of the adults had their own things going on, and they all had their funny moments, even though Maya's was the focus of the episode, while Kenneth's was a really small part of it, and Jimmy's was in between. Also, the kids were really enjoyable in their part of the episode, though I did wish that J.J. did more.

Score: 10/10

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