Superbowl’s Commercial Success -- 1996

Written Finding More Food Themes Than a Weird Al Album by Bridger Cunningham

"I love watching commercials during my television viewing." -- Said NOBODY.  Except of course during the yearly, coveted Superbowl event.  During the 1996 Superbowl XXX (30 to the common sense impaired), America witnessed its first Superbowl ever hosted in Arizona.  The Dallas Cowboys hammered the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17, and Miss Diana Ross hosted the halftime event.  Advertisers paid $1.085M per 30 seconds of advertisement for the coveted pallet, unleashing an eye-popping and appealing display of style and humor.  Take a moment and look back on this year's greatest achievements on January 25, 1996.

Enter the pre-Superbowl arena, sans spiritual placement.  Many kid-friendly fares, some smart NBC scripted show plugging, and of course, lots of food!  Coca Cola composed one of their visually sophisticated portraits of the 90's during their 1996 commercial debut, which lasted for much of the decade's remains.  Flash forward to 2:15 and take a glimpse of actress Beth Hall prior to arriving as weeping Wendy on CBS' Mom.

And of course, what would a cultural event be without an apocalyptic event like Independence Day?  Then, a CGI masterpiece.  Now, a fun classic to poke fun at.

Snickers takes their advertisements seriously, partially because their commercials never do so for themselves.  Given the plethora of food and booze commercials made this maintenance man dream of his favorite team, the Kansas City Chefs.

The evening is late enough, so it's time to crack out the 30-pack.  Even the horses got in on the action, though for their dimensions, a keg would be more appropriate.

Sigh, Phil Hartman was a master of comedy, and who better to take on a cartoon tour de force like Chester da Cheetah from Cheeto's.

The horses and cartoon kitties got in on the commercial craze, so this Red Dog went to town, delivering a tough sale of a new beer brand.

What would every Superbowl be without a healthy snack like Doritos?

Coca Cola chose stylish, Pepsi went tongue-in-cheek to bubble up a dis to their competitors.

Haven't bloated yourself with enough beer yet?  The late, great Dale Ernhardt will Busch-whack it again and give another common choice to the run of the mill tap.

And of course, the most sinful liquid of all: GOT MILK?


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