Questions of the Week: January 26

Here are five questions and my answers to them. Leave your answers in the comments below! 

1) What do you think CBS will do with Murphy Brown?

My thought is that they’ll use it on Mondays for a limited time next season. While Kevin Can Wait does solid, the night in general could use a bit of a boost. With powerhouses Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon occupying Thursdays, it would be wise to spread the wealth a bit.

2) Assuming a renewal, what do you think will be The Four’s role on FOX’s schedule going forward?

If the Disney-Fox deal goes through, FOX the network is set to focus more on unscripted programs. I think their goal will be to try to find a way to grow The Four next season so it can be a staple for them going into this new period. Maybe this could mean airing one-hour installments behind Empire, or a couple Sunday airings after football. Either way, I think this show will be a focus for them next season—again, assuming the financials work out.

3) With an overcrowded schedule, will Blindspot defy the odds and not receive a fourth season.

Many were surprised that Blindspot, which is not owned by NBC or even famously-good-negotiator Sony, was renewed for a full third season to lead off Friday nights. In the past, this has typically meant a show would receive a full fourth season to have enough episodes for a traditional syndication deal. However, with the ratings considerably below where the ad rates imply NBC and advertisers expected, it could be possible that the end game was for some closure for a streaming deal. While I think they’ll find a way to renew it, maybe by airing it Sunday at 10pm in the spring and summer, I also think the renewal is only likely and not certain.

4) How long will Riverdale’s linear boost last?

TV Time's Binge Reports indicate that Riverdale is very popular on streaming, specifically Netflix. However, the most recent episode received a rounded-up 0.5 A18-49 rating. I fear that the newfound boost will not last the whole season, as people turn to streaming again. I wouldn’t rule out another bump for the early episodes of Season 3, though.

5) Does American Housewife belong at 8:30?

American Housewife broke out last season as a show that held most, if not all, of The Middle’s audience. Fresh Off The Boat has not been able to achieve that this season, and while Housewife got a theoretical time slot upgrade by airing behind Modern Family, its relative strength is really no better. It fared well out of The Goldbergs on Wednesday (1.4 A18-49 out of a 1.7), but could only muster a 1.1 in its regular time slot an hour later after a 1.0 Modern Family rerun rating. This tells me that it definitely benefits from having a lead-in and it probably wouldn’t be the best choice to lead off Tuesdays if Roseanne doesn’t work out. I wouldn’t say that it belongs at 8:30 per say.

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