Do Not Resuscitate: Whos The Boss

Written Begging to Leave History Beautiful by Bridger Cunningham
Revivals are touted everywhere this decade!  Dallas, One Day at a Time, Full House, Roseanne, Murphy Brown, Will & Grace, Boy Meets World...  What is next?  "ABC announces it will be rebooting old sitcom treasures such as Work It, Super Fun Night and The Real O'Neal's."  TVRG, like so many other media outlets has a simple message -- "Knock it Off With the Reboots!"
The Original Hit Machine -- Who's The Boss
It is no wonder Who's The Boss became a solid performer in the 80's, as it bent the gender stereotypes.  Beautiful, savvy businesswoman Angela Bower (Judith Light) hires a male housekeeper, former minor league pitcher Tony Micelli (Tony Danza, fresh off his run on Taxi).  Together they maintained an unorthodox household comprised of his tomboyish daughter, Samantha (Alyssa Milano) and her sensitive son, Jonathan (Danny Pintauro).  Rounding out the ensemble was Angela's late-in-life (and promiscuous) collegiate mother, Mona Robinson (Katherine Helmond).  The ensemble jelled to perfection, never deviating in cast changes.  The driving force behind the sitcom was the romantic notions Tony and Angela flirted with, not explored until later in the series.  The successful series delivered in the Top 10 for fie of its 8 seasons during its 1984-92 run, even spawning off three spinoff concepts.  The premise was explored to the fullest.
Reasons Why This Show Needs to Stay Cancelled
  • 1. The dynamic of the cast led to its success, with its five ensemble character's chemistry only taking second to the romantic tension of Tony and Angela. In a reboot, both would be well into their 60's and likely would be in supporting capacity in a reboot.  What a tragic fate to befall two strong players like Judith Light and Tony Danza.
  • 2.  Katherine Helmond turns 89 on July 5.  Though several viable actresses are acting well into their 80's and 90's, Helmond's resume has sharply dropped off since 2011, already sparse since Who's the Boss ended.  Mona was the dynamic scene stealer of the original, and having her at a reduced capacity would be an aging heartbreak.
  • 3. Danny Pintauro has all but stepped away from acting since Who's The Boss ended in 1992, with three sparse credits to his name following 1992.  And when the series ended, Pintauro was 16.  Child acting vs. the adult craft is a differing dynamic, and it appears Pintauro has moved on from his former career.
  • 4. Alyssa Milano has indeed evolved into a lovely adult actress with a thicked resume to show for it.  A reboot would likely have to center on Milano, who seems to enjoy committing to shorter projects so she can focus on raising a family.  Would Milano enjoy stepping back into the role, or would she prefer to move on and take a new role?
  • 5. ABC Tuesdays are not the powerhouse they used to be during Who's The Boss' heyday, and likely would never regenerate the same fire they once did.  Sometimes, you just cannot go home, and it is best to remember a lovely setting like Angela's colonial when it housed this dynamic series.
  • 6. How would a revival of Who's the Boss rate on a Tuesday in the 2010's.  It would barely scrape a 1.0, a sad shell of a memory considering it was a top 10 player from 1985-90.
  • 7. The dynamics which made this series bold and inventive have since become common across the television landscape.  A powerful woman in charge with a loving man second in command?  Sounds like Desperate Housewives' Lynette and Tom Scavo.  An unorthodox family blending into one beautiful home?    Too many sitcoms to boot which have made this happen.  An employee marries their household employer?  How about Fran Drescher's The Nanny?  A vibrant, middle aged cougar stealing laughs while building a career and boasting a healthy sexual appetite?  Didn't we already replay that story on Hot in Cleveland?
  • 8. Part of the intrigue of Who's the Boss was the "Will they, won't they?" dynamic between Tony and Angela.  And later, viewers were rewarded with the pair finally connecting.  What would be left to explore today?
Sometimes, cancelled is better.  If viewers want to get their Who's the Boss fix, they are wisest to hunt for it on a local channel, or on Sony Crackle, which currently displays the beloved series.

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