The Good Place S2E11 Review

This week, The Good Place heads to the bad place. The show is going into really new territory, and that is very exciting, as the group attempts to pull off their near-impossible plan. What the characters get into this week was sure to be interesting.

S2E11 "Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent"

The beginning of the episode has the group on the train, heading to the bad place. The four humans prepare to pretend to be someone else. Tahani is the highlight here, as an American named Rhonda. She hilariously portrays American stereotypes, and does a great job of that. Janet struggles to be a Bad Janet, and there is a hilarious bit about this where she can't stop giving Tahani the glasses of water she asks for, reminiscent of last season when she was rebooted and could only get people cacti.

In the bad place, the four humans and Janet stay in a museum while Michael gets what they need to get to the judge. There ends up being a party hosted at the museum. Chidi doesn't want to lie about who he is, so he says nothing, but a demon (played by Dax Shepard) mistakes Chidi for someone he knew. Eleanor talks to Chidi, convincing him it isn't unethical to lie in this situation because of moral particularism. It feels like a bit of a stretch that Eleanor would know about that, and that Chidi would be obsessed with one way of philosophical thought. The humans survive the party, until things go poorly when the demonstration turns out to be of their neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Michael meets with Sean, who reveals that he has a plan for how to get the humans from the medium place. Sean uses Bad Janet as a walkie-talkie, which is enjoyable, and reminds us of how Derek and his wind-chime testicles are in the medium place. Sean discovers that the humans aren't in the medium place, and this starts the part of the episode where everyone is on the run. Michael grabs the humans, and they rush to the portal. However, at the very end, they aren't able to make it, and Michael sacrifices himself. This ending shows why the show has put so much work into improving Michael, and Ted Danson is wonderful in this final scene.

It felt like there was quite a bit of time wasted, as they were just waiting for the end of the episode. Still, The Good Place made it entertaining, and the only real issue was believably in the Chidi part of the episode. The end of the episode was a great moment, and it showcased a great performance from Ted Danson.

Score: 9/10

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