Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 10 Review

I'm back to review Will & Grace after skipping the first two episodes of 2018. I'm glad to be back, as the show's been great lately. This week focuses on Will getting closure on an old breakup, with old favorite Bobby Cannavale returning as Vince. I'm excited!

Will is having his ex Vince over for breakfast, a fact that amazes Grace. Jack explains the differences between gay people and straight people, with plenty of jabs at Will. Vince arrives, with soap, and Grace and Jack as promptly kicked out, as they should be. Vince and Will chat a bit before Vince gets down to business. He's getting married, and he wants Will to come. Will accepts his invitation, but he's clearly not as happy as he says he is.

Will is acting funny on the day of the wedding. He talks about how boring Vince's husband-to-be Ryan is, and then starts telling a lie about being fine. Grace tries to convince him not to go, and he agrees, though he wants her to tell a good lie about why he isn't there. Karen is participating in a scavenger hunt, and she's super competitive about it. Will shows up at the wedding, despite his earlier insistence that he wouldn't. He wants closure about the end of their relationship, and Grace is very against this.

Will finally gets some alone time with Vince, but Grace still keeps interrupting. Will just wants closure, but Grace still doesn't think he should talk to Vince. Jack's hookup, who's never had sex with a man before, tells him he loves him after about a half hour of knowing each other, but Jack tells him off. He still doesn't get it. Karen stole a pair of dentures from Ryan's uncle for her scavenger hunt, but she still needs a cop's badge. Meanwhile, Jack meets up with Vince's cousin, the wife of his recent hookup. They deny knowing each other, but she tells them to go to a cabin in the Poconos (PA represent!!!) together. Jack tries to use his "wife" Karen as an excuse to not go, but she is very much the opposite of helpful. Jack moves a gravy boat off out of a wedding picture, and Vince lets it slip that he never wanted Will to come in the first place. He also says that he broke up with Will because will never liked him.

Will makes a toast at the wedding, and it doesn't sound quite as nice as he seemingly intended. He says about how horrible he is and how he doesn't deserve love, and Grace makes a toast about how great he is. They keep making toasts and finally, Vince jumps in to say how he loved him. Ryan asks for a real toast, and Jack jumps up to talk about his hookup. He says to never fall in love, so all in all it's a really great toast. Later, Karen steals a cops badge and finally completes the scavenger hunt, beating Ivanka Freakin' Drumpf. Vince goes to talk to Will about how scared he is, and Will convinces him to go through with it. In the end, Will finally gets his closure.

I really enjoyed this episode, as it had a really great conclusion that finally gave Will the closure he needed. It was all very touching, in the show's own special way. Eric McCormack delivered a great performance tonight, probably his best work all season. Grace was also highly enjoyable this episode with her opposition to Will's plan. Her line  "I wish I was my friend" was the line of the episode. I also enjoyed the B (C?) plot with Karen's scavenger hunt, and I laughed out loud at her introduction in this episode, when she had the monkey on her shoulder. All in all, the episode was incredibly funny and I look forward to the next, which is unfortunately a couple weeks away.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

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